Upper Body Strength & Cardio Interval Workout (with Low Impact Mods)

33 Min • Upper Body, Upper Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Strength Training
    • Equipment Dumbbell


    Upper body strength training can be a bit boring on its own so why not throw in some cardio to keep it more interesting. That is exactly what we did with this workout video. We have incorporated a quick bout of moderate intensity (not HIIT) cardio in between each set of upper body strength training exercises so you can get a good strength workout at the same time as challenging your cardiovascular system.

    This routine is built on a timed interval structure rather than a traditional repetitions per set structure. This allows us to move quickly from one exercise to the next and keep a good pace with the cardio aspect of the routine. Its draw back is that this routine does not afford much time for selecting your desired weight for each strength exercise. So, be sure to look through the exercises beforehand and try and have an idea of what you need for each exercise before you get there. This will allow you to make a quick weight selection and move directly into each exercise without losing any time on trying to make a decision last minute.

    The cardio portion in this routine is completely bodyweight driven so it is important to know that the intensity and calorie burn for these exercises is completely in your hands. How hard you push yourself by working against your own muscles, using full range of motion and moving quickly with control, will drastically change how difficult this routine is for you. If you are a bit sore today feel free to move through the cardio section with less intensity to make sure you are not slowing the healing of already sore muscles. On the other hand, if you are not sore at all and want to feel this routine tomorrow then be sure to pick weights that are challenging and work against yourself, and challenge yourself as much as you can during the cardio sections. You should always modify each workout you do to suit your individual needs on that specific day.

    Workout Structure:
    - 5 Groups of Two Exercises Each
    - One Strength, & One Cardio Focused
    - Timed Intervals of 45 Seconds Active and 15 Seconds Rest/Prep
    - Each Group Done in a AB, AB Pattern.

    Equipment Needed:
    - Dumbbells

    Warm Up / Cooldown:
    - Both Included

    Warm Up: (5 Minutes; 30 Seconds Each)
    - Side Step Arm Cross
    - Toe Touch Sweeps
    - High Knee w/ Large Arm Circles
    - Squat w/ Push Pull
    - Torso Twist w/ Deadlift
    - Toe Touch Kick (L & R)
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Squat Circles
    - Lunge T

    Workout: (20 Minutes; 45 Sec On and 15 Sec Off)
    - Chest Fly
    - Alternating Curtsy Lunge plus Arm Circles

    - Reverse Fly
    - Alternating Side Lunge to Overhead Reach

    - Lateral Raise
    - Ski Squat & Push Pull to Knee & Pull Down

    ---- Water Break ----

    - Bicep Curl
    - Sumo Squat to Alternating Side Leg Raise

    - Tricep Kickback
    - Front Jack

    Cooldown: (6 Minutes; 30 Seconds Each)
    - Wall Chest Stretch Left
    - Wall Chest Stretch Right
    - Toe Touch
    - Overhead Tricep Stretch Left
    - Overhead Tricep Stretch Right
    - Arm Cross w/ Inside Thigh Stretch Left
    - Arm Cross w/ Inside Thigh Stretch Right
    - Overhead Wall Shoulder Stretch
    - Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Left
    - Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Right
    - Supine Torso Twist Left
    - Supine Torso Twist Right

    Calorie Burn: