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Upper Body Split Workout - Chest and Triceps Mass Building Video

36 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Strength Training
    • Equipment Bench, Dumbbell
    • Membership Free


    When using a three day split for your upper body mass building routine, one of the best ways to do this is with a Back and Biceps day, Chest and Triceps day, and a Shoulders and Lats day. Each day targets a different group of muscles with only a small amount of overlap in those assisting muscles for day three which makes this a great program to use to continue training throughout the week even when sore.

    With this style of program you can do the days in any order, though we suggest doing the shoulders and lats day last as it uses assisting muscles that are targeted specifically on other days.  This allows the lowest impact on form and intensity due to sore muscles.

    In this video we are doing our chest and triceps, though this can also be used for a non mass building strength workout or a toning routine by changing the number of repetitions done per set.  The only thing that makes this video mass building is the use of less than 8 repetitions per set, while lifting the highest amount of weight you can control with clean form.  To turn this into more of a strength routine, drop your weight but increase your repetitions to 10-12, and to focus on more just straight toning then use very light weight but bump up your repetitions to anywhere from 14-20 repetitions. Using this type of routine for toning is very time consuming and truthfully quite boring but it is very effective for getting your muscle tissue rock solid.

    When doing this routine, or any strength/mass building routine, be sure to challenge yourself with the weight you select for each set of each exercise.  The last couple of repetitions should be very difficult to finish off, even to the point of having to take a few seconds rest to get those last reps done with clean form.  If you find that you are easily finishing off each set then you need to increase weight to challenge yourself more. On the other hand if you are unable to get a full range of motion for any particular exercise and/or unable to finish the full set then you need to drop your weight to something that is more appropriate for your level of strength and control.

    If you want to do a cardio warm up before starting this video feel free, just be sure to keep it light and under 15 minutes. You want to keep as much energy as you can for your lifting exercises especially if you are wanting to focus on quickly building mass and power. On the other hand if you are using this for toning (high repetitions) then a longer & more intense cardio warm up is just fine.


    Workout Structure:

    • 6 Exercises, 3 Groups
    • 3 Sets, 8 Repetitions


    • Dumbbells
    • Bench Optional


    • Both Included

    Warm Up:
    - Arm Swings 
    - Arm Circles (L)
    - Arm Circles (R)
    - Arm Extensions
    - Torso Circles
    - Boxer Shuffle

    - Chest Press
    - Tricep Kick Back

    - Chest Fly
    - Overhead Tricep Extension

    - Rotation Chest Press
    - Tricep Dips