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Upper Body Split Workout - Back and Biceps Mass Building Video

35 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Bench, Dumbbell
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    When it comes to training your body to build muscle tissue there are more styles of training then you can shake a stick at ...or should I say, shake a dumbbell at.  But just like most training styles there is a big difference between what works best and what people have the time and ability to do with there own routines. Not every one has the time to do two-a-day mass training so there are a number of styles of program development that utilize a one-workout-a-day goal.  This video definitely falls in with the latter.

    This routine actually is part of a three day split that targets all the major muscle groups of the upper body.  This back and biceps workout video would typically be done on day one of a workout week followed by a chest and triceps routine then finish the week with a shoulders and lats routine. Each split is done with a day break in between that you can take off or use to focus on legs or cardio. Speaking of cardio, when doing a mass building program typically cardio is limited to a very light quick warm up on your weight training days as to not use up energy and protein better used for getting through and recovering from your mass routine.

    Many people find the idea of limiting cardio in lieu of getting a better strength routine a bit worry sum but keep in mind that when doing these mass exercises with the highest amount of weight that you can handle, you will be doing a form of cardio. In fact, the typical person that moves from one exercise to the next without taking to much of a break, can easily keep their heart rate in the low to medium cardiovascular range. So don't cut your strength programs short on all of the benefits that offer.

    With this video remember that in between each group of exercises you can take up to 5 minutes to rest for the next group. You want to get your muscles to the point that they are giving out on you by the third set of each group, so you may need to take some extra time to get your arms back to the point where they are ready to start again.

    Workout Structure:

    • 6 Exercises, 3 Groups
    • 3 Sets, 8 Repetitions


    • Dumbbells
    • Bench Optional


    • Both Included

    Warm Up:

    - Arm Swings 
    - Arm Circles (L)
    - Arm Circles (R)
    - Arm Extensions
    - Torso Circles
    - Boxer Shuffle


    - Kneeling Close Row
    - Bicep Curl

    - Reverse Fly
    - Hammer Curl

    - Bentover Ventral 
    - Overhand Curl