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Total Body PhysioBall Workout - PhysioBall Exercises

26 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Balance/Agility, Toning
    • Equipment Physio-Ball
    • Membership Free


    There are multiple advantages to using a PhysioBall to supplement your exercise routines.

    One is that it allows for more range of motion than you would get from most exercises without the use of the ball. For example, PhysioBall back extensions allow you to work a more full range of movement by allowing you to enter a plane of movement that you otherwise can’t without some kind of equipment.

    PhysioBall workout routines also burn more calories than the same exercises done without the ball. This is largely because of the instability that the piece of equipment creates. Any time you make your balance more instable, your body and muscle have to work harder to complete a motion without falling over, which uses up more energy (calories).

    The extra demand for balance also forces the body’s small controlling muscles to work harder, which actually serves to improve muscle tone and increase your overall balance and coordination as well as control over your own body.

    Yet another benefit of this simple piece of equipment is that it helps you target muscle groups that are otherwise hard to thoroughly engage without a piece of equipment. For example, the PhysioBall Hamstring Curls are a fantastic way to really get the backs of those thighs burning. Most of the other exercises that target hamstrings so specifically are big bulky pieces of equipment.

    Exercises in this routine:

    Wall Oblique Crunches – This one can take a little getting used to as you learn how to both balance and find a comfortable way to stack your feet. This is probably the exercise that takes the most practice so don’t be afraid to use the tips in the video and pause it if you need to while you let yourself get familiar with the position. This one is great for your obliques and is a good example of an exercise where the PhysioBall significantly improves the range of motion available.

    Back Extensions – Tone up the lower back muscles & strengthen the back. Because you have to stabilize yourself on the wobbly ball, your glutes & hamstrings also get a workout.

    Crunches – This takes a regular abdominal move and drastically improves its effectiveness and scope in terms of number of muscles engaged and depth of engagement.

    Wall Squats – Using the physioball to do this exercise works the muscles in a different way than a regular squat does. It also makes it easier to keep the knees from going into potentially compromising positions.

    Hamstring Curls – Between the balance required to complete this motion, and the strength it takes to get your heels under your butt, this is one of the best exercises for toning the backs of thighs.

    Push Ups – Again, because you have to work to balance yourself, this engages muscles in a different way than a regular Push Up does.

    Rows – The Row targets the rhomboids and deltoids in the upper back, offsetting the Push Ups that target the chest muscles.

    All in all, this PhysioBall workout routine is a fantastic total body plan that will tone you up fast. You will also be burning calories at a higher rate than if you were doing the traditional version of each exercise, and you are going to be improving your balance and overall comprehensive core strength, which is important for good posture and avoiding injuries as you move through exercises and every day activities.

    For best results, do this routine 2-4 times weekly along with a cardio component.