Thigh Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout - Free 32 Minute Online Pilates Class


Calorie burn:

96 to 256





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Low Impact, Pilates, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

If you have ever done Pilates consistently before then you know that it is a great workout for your core, legs, and even upper body, that earns you a toned body with a more stable and strong core. If you haven’t done Pilates before, or at least not on a regular basis, then you are missing out on not only the toning effects it provides but also the improved core conditioning that improves your core stability in every other type of exercise you do, from HIIT workouts to traditional strength training. That especially goes for you guys that do heavy Olympic style lifting as you can benefit from the improvement in core stability even more than those who are cardio and HIIT junkies.

Though this workout targets the legs it also forces the core to engage to control hip stabilization. This combination of functions and muscle groups helps your body to function more efficiently when doing everyday life activities, learning new physical activities as well as completing high intensity activities such as HIIT, and Plyometric workouts and more.

This butt and thigh routine is intended to primarily focus on the quadriceps, hamstring, glutes and hip flexors. You can expect to see an increase in tone and definition in all of these areas as well as the lower back, obliques, and abs not to mention the real benefit of this workout, an increase in muscle endurance, strength, and functionality.

Because this routine is primarily done lying down the heart rate will stay low and the calorie burn will be relatively low. Be very careful if you are using a heart rate monitor to estimate calorie burn, especially with this type of workout, as the especially low heart rate due to the heart not having to work as hard to pump blood back up from the legs, will cause a heart rate monitor to drastically under estimate the number of calories burned.

So, how many calories does this workout burn? There are easy and hard versions of many of the exercises throughout this routine so depending on which version you do your calorie burn will be different. This gives us a pretty big range; anywhere from an average of 3 calories per minute on the low end to 8 calories per minute or more on the high end. That gives us a total burn of 96 to 256 for this 32-minute Pilates routine.

Below are the exercises and stretches used in this video, they are in the order used with the notations of which ones had multiple levels of difficulty.

Pilates Butt and Thigh, Leg Slimming Workout

- Imprint
- Pelvic Clock
- Leg Walk Up
- Leg Pulse
- Leg Circles
Small (alternating)
Large (alternating)
- Bridge
Level One (both feet)
Single Leg
- Kneeling Rear Leg Raises
Straight Leg
Bent Leg
Straight Leg
Bent Leg
- Oblique and Hamstring Stretch
- Saw (alternating)
- Butterfly Stretch
- Deep Glute Stretch
- Torso Stretch
- Full Body Stretch



03/19/15 11:43am

Totally not a beginner workout! I had to pause multiple times, and I always started to laugh when I had to do something I was sure I would never be able to do like that. But did my best, so at least I'm proud of myself a bit :D


02/09/15 3:46am

I agree this is not a beginner workout....especially for Day 5 of the Low Impact 4 Week Beginner program! Dan and Kelly, you should bring in a true beginner person to perform your workouts.


01/22/15 6:23pm

In my opinion, this is NOT a beginner workout. Love the other ones, so far, but this one bit.


01/15/15 6:41am

This one was absolute torture haha. Modified all the way through it, and took lots of few sec rests between reps. Hope, I'll do better next time.


01/13/15 9:05am

Pilates exercise is good for many purposes such as having a slim body, getting rid of back, shoulder and hip pain and many others as well, you can read more here


01/06/15 12:43pm

If you do this as part of the Low Impact 4 Week Beginner program, this is pretty difficult, because you're gonna be pretty burnt from the previous workout of the day.
However, it's totally worth it !

alana wylie

01/05/15 5:07pm

I am relieved to hear this workout kicked butts other than mine. It was horribly hard for this overweight, inflexible beginner (hint: guys, it's not really a beginner's workout at all.) At the end, I was on the floor, sobbing. thisclose to giving up.


11/04/14 7:29am

It was just the beginning I had trouble following. The rest I got ... or rather it got me!


11/04/14 7:01am

This one needs captions as I'm clearly missing out on Daniel's instructions. And my neck was killing me early on (I have to turn my head to see video while moving). I tried to make neck neutral, but it didn't work.


10/23/14 5:27am

I did this workout as part of your 4 week low impact programme. I love your videos and find them very motivating! However, following a full knee replacement at the age of 32 last year I can't really do kneeling exercises, especially not the ones that involve kneeling on one knee (the operated one). There was a whole section in this routine I sadly had to miss out... Have you got any tips how I could modify those exercises to still get similar effects? Thanks.


09/29/14 11:30am

I did this workout in conjunction with the beginner/low impact program and it was just too hard. I'm a true beginner (aka am not physically fit) and this was depressingly hard. I plan on completing the beginner program two times and I hope that I'm in better shape the second time around to actually do this one.


08/31/14 9:34am

Tried this last week and this was literally a pain in the ass (and thighs). Tried this again a while ago and had leg shakes but my butt and thighs did not hurt as much as last time! So the trick is you just have to do this occasionally to avoid body aches. Once my body gets used to this, Im gonna do this everyday lol


06/17/14 5:01pm

Thanks for the comment about the popping Daniel! I was a little freaked out by it but I don't have any pain so now I know it's normal.


05/11/14 9:40am

I love you guys, but this was BRUTAL!! I actually yelled at my computer one point during it! Great workout, I was shaking by the end of it!! Thanks you two!


04/08/14 5:39pm

OK, this workout was really a 5 for me. And I've done FB 5 workouts so I know just how hard those are! If you have given birth recently this is an amazing workout. I am seven months postpartum and still not even close to 100% in my abs, lower back and pelvic floor. This is subtle work that really seemed to target the things that need work, all while making my glutes burn like crazy. I wish I'd known about it when I was first cleared to do ab exercise. Seriously favouriting this!


03/03/14 6:58pm

This workout really lets me know I have a booty the next day. Love that feeling! Thank You, Thank You!


02/13/14 1:41pm

This is the most brutal workout i've done, and I'm not a big fan of yoga nor Pilates. Hopefully it'll get easier in time.. Thanks!


02/01/14 8:41am

Thank you! I so appreciated this workout. It was my first, and now I'm hooked.


01/28/14 1:04pm

I love it !


12/21/13 3:37am

Can I do this workout every day? thank you


11/10/13 10:38am

Ho-ly crap. I am in pretty darn good shape..and this killed my thighs and, SHAKING at the end. I never thought I'd be wanting to do a HIIT instead of a pilates guys....I think....


10/15/13 8:49pm

Could I possibly not be doing this correctly? I don't think this is an issue of needing to increase the difficulty, as I've only been getting back into shape the past 2 months. This is my first time doing this particular routine (I just moved up from level2 to level3) and I expected it to be exceedingly more difficult. My legs and butt only hurt perhaps half as badly as I would have anticipated. What it actually bothered most was my abs. Any advice?


08/01/13 9:50pm

Holy crap haha! My legs and butt are burning! My hips were popping a lot though which kind of threw me off. It didn't hurt, just alarming. Advice on preventing that would help if you guys have any :o


07/03/13 12:58pm

If I were Kelli I would totally divorce Daniel for making me cry like that!


05/30/13 8:45pm

One suggestion: Perhaps more tips for how to protect out joints during these high intensity workouts? Unless they're already available somewhere on fb?


05/30/13 8:44pm

Okay, while doing this the word "sadistic" kept going through my mind, but it was an excellent challenge! ;)


05/30/13 8:42pm

I mean great quality!


05/30/13 8:41pm

This was so challenging, but thankfully doable, followin the Advanced HIIT Workout routine!! You guys put out consistently good quality workouts. You're getting better and better at what you do! Thank you!


05/21/13 10:22am

Aaauucchh that was painful!!! Admire you Kelli for not screaming out at Daniel each time he says "you're almost there" when you are far from it! :)


05/15/13 11:44am

Previously, I have followed Winsor Pilates and I must say, Daniel's detailed explanations have helped me finally engage the muscles correctly! Best Pilate workouts I have come across. Love them better than Winsor.


03/13/13 3:33am

Hi Kelli/Daniel,

can you also do Pilates class for Upper body Please, so that we have a full body Pilates workout.



03/07/13 7:57pm

How many times per week can I do this workout ?


03/05/13 8:43pm

This is my first Pilates class, and it hurt so bad I want it to be my last... Ok, not so much. I LOVE IT!!! I am adding to the list of weekly workouts to get my abs and core in shape. This workout subtly kick my butt.

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