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Spartan 500 Workout - 500 Rep Workout Routine

17 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Historically the Spartans were well known for their ability to fight and their prowess in war, making them an often talked about subject at any military college in the United States and abroad. Most recently the Spartan culture was made more famous with the average person through the movie “300”. Despite it being highly inaccurate, its depiction of a group of fiercely loyal troops that are willing to fight to the death for their country definitely encompasses the sprit that was Sparta.

    What many people may not know about this culture is that they were obsessed with having the healthiest citizens and children as possible. To achieve that goal the men were schooled in physical activity with just as much importance as their studies in military training, reading, writing, math, music and dance. The ancient Spartans also knew that to have a strong population you also had to have strong women - not just strong men. Special emphasis was given to educate and to physically train women as well (which was very rare in ancient Greece). This cultural dedication to being strong and healthy ended up giving the Spartan’s an average life span far superior to those of their neighboring Greek.

    It is with the Spartan ideals and spirit in mind that we have built the Fitness Blender Spartan 500 Workout. We believe that training your body physically with just as much intensity as you put into educating yourself, and doing it with a never give up and never surrender mentality is the best way to improve your quality of life and your life expectancy. This workout encompasses that ideal by challenging you to become fit enough to complete all 500 repetitions.

    This is one of the hardest workouts we have put out and it will challenge you not only physically but also mentally as your body will be telling you to stop the whole way and you must make the decision to keep pushing or to pause and take an extra break to keep your from. So, the challenge is not just to complete the workout but to complete it with good form - without pushing yourself too far and without not being able to move the next day.

    Below you will find the list of exercises in this routine. Do each exercise for 10 repetitions, working your way through the list with no break in between exercises. Once you have finished the whole group of 5 exercises pause and rest for as long as you need before starting the group over again.

    Complete the group of 5 exercises 10 times to reach 500 repetitions.

    Spartan 500 - 500 Repetition Workout

    10 Reps - Burpees
    10 Reps - Squat Jacks
    10 Reps - Mt Climbers
    10 Reps - Agility Dots
    10 Reps - Jump Squats

    This is a challenging workout and should not be attempted by those just starting an exercise routine. Everyone’s physical abilities and risk factors are different and not all workouts are suitable for everyone. Be sure to talk to your doctor or health care provider before trying any workout or starting a new exercise routine.

    Calorie Burn Information
    We estimate that this workout burns 12-16 calories per minute, or 204-272 calories total.