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30 Day Challenge Week 2: Check in With Your Coaches

Resistance Band Workout for Butt and Thighs - 10 Minute Lower Body Training

10 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Exercise Band, No Equipment
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    All you need for this butt and thigh workout is some motivation, 10 minutes, and an optional resistance band or ankle weights.

    Here we’re targeting the glutes and thighs using multidirectional movements that thoroughly engage the muscles of the lower body - core (abs, obliques, lower back) muscles will also pitch in to help, as you’ll likely be able to feel during many of these exercises. If you don’t feel it in your core, make sure you’re focusing on engaging those muscles by doing a quick check-in before starting each interval; “Core strong: check!” It makes a workout more effective and also helps protect your back.

    You can move at whatever pace you need to; you don’t have to match my pace or repetitions. Listen to your body; tune in to find out which modifications make this routine work best for you. You can wear a resistance band, ankle weights, and/or even hold onto dumbbells to make it more difficult. You can also do this routine with just your own bodyweight. 

    Benefits of this workout
    Because of the angles and constantly changing range of motion, the glutes, thighs, and hip complex are all strengthened in a dynamic, 360 degree kind of way. Doing exercises like this in a controlled environment can help lessen the likelihood of injury, while improving coordination and reaction time - making a person feel more like a genuine athlete. 

    The butt and thigh exercises are also great for building strength and shape in the lower body. Don’t be surprised if you break a sweat! Some of the intervals really get the heart rate up, and the short rest breaks end up making this feel like a bit of a cardio workout as well. If you'd like to try a longer resistance band workout for butt and thighs, be sure to check out our Glute Activation Workout - Knee Friendly Butt and Thigh Workout

    Workout Structure
    10 Minutes
    Warm up and cool down not included (both are recommended)
    Equipment: Optional resistance bands, ankle weights, dumbbells

    Printable Butt and Thigh Workout
    3 Side Steps + 3 Tap Backs
    Clock Steps
    Clock Repeater 
    Switch Sides
    Reverse Lunge + Calf Raise
    Curtsy Lunge + Side Raise
    Squat Steps + Side Lunge
    Switch Side

    How to use this workout
    There are so many different ways to use our 10 minute workouts! 

    They are incredibly versatile options for people who want to piece together their own custom routines and unique combinations, 10 minutes at a time. They’re great “Extra Credit” workouts, for times you have just a little bit more to give after finishing the regular workout. 

    Our shorter home workouts are also great as standalones; when I don’t have a lot of time or energy, these short workouts help me ensure that I’m doing something - which is way, way better than nothing. Include a quick warm up or cool down, or add them onto the end of another activity that you regularly do, to help increase the variety of training. I often tack them onto the end of walking my dog, just to get a bit of smart/dynamic training in along with the heart healthy walk. I’m already warmed up from the walk and then all I have to do after my 10 minutes is a quick stretch. It helps keep an “all or nothing” mindset at bay, and even a little bit of movement can be enough to wake up the mind and make the body feel refreshed.

    How do you use our ten minute workouts? 

    Thank you for working out with me!