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Glute Activation Workout - Knee Friendly Butt and Thigh Workout

36 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Exercise Band
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    We get a lot of requests for butt and thigh workouts for bad knees, or knee friendly workouts - we also get a lot of requests for band workouts; this routine has both. It's a fantastic workout for developing and activating the glutes, as well as building important strength and stability in the joints of the lower body. If you have been told that you have lazy glutes, this glute activation workout may be of help to you.

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    All you're going to need for this workout is an exercise band, but even if you don't have equipment this is still a great workout, even with just your own bodyweight. Otherwise, any resistance band will do; the one I am using is just a simple strip of theraband tied into a knot. I like these because the band just remains constantly adjustable for whatever you might need (I untie & use this one for upper body routines as well). The bands also come precut in a variety of resistances (you get less product overall but this is a less expensive option). Some of the exercises are a bit slow moving, but this is part of the challenge. Using momentum or swinging/"cheating" motions would cut out the emphasis on building strength throughout the entire range of motion. Keep in mind that each of the exercises is made more beneficial by your mindfulness and paying attention to how you're holding your body and moving throughout the workout.

    This workout has been modeled after a patellar tendonitis physical therapy routine, though it also heavily crosses over with a hip strengthening physical therapy routine (both of which I have discussed at length with multiple doctors and physical therapists). A lot of you may recognize these exercises if you are seeing a physical therapist for hip or knee issues. With that said, it's important to note that I am a certified personal trainer - not a physical therapist - and you should always, always talk to your personal, professional health care provider (who has all of your health information and history) to make sure than an exercise is safe and beneficial for you and your body specifically.

    In addition to clearing exercises with your doctor or physical therapist, you should also focus on staying tuned in to how your body feels throughout this routine - pay attention. Be aware of the "good" kind of hurt, and the kind of hurt that signals that you should stop what you're doing. Listen to your own body. 

    Warm Up (25 Seconds Each)
    March in Place
    Butt Kicks
    Side Steps
    Kick & Switch
    3 Point Taps (Front/Side/Back)
    Step Throughs + Arms
    Forward Bend + Arms
    Hip Opener Steps
    Step Back + Outside Tap
    Side Lift + High Knee
    Side Step Step Back or Curtsy

    Glute Activation Workout / Knee Friendly Butt and Thigh Workout
    Side Step or Squat with Band
    Clock Steps 
    Hip Hinge
    Banded Squats or substitute Hip Hinge as a modification if squats bother you
    Double Steps (slow & deliberate); Front, Side, Back
    Tick Tock Leg Lifts

    Side Leg Lifts
    Circles Forward 
    Circles Back
    Supine Raises (lying on your back)
    Prone Raises
    Clam Shell
    Side Lying Hold (Up & Back)

    Quad Stretch
    Warrior Stretch
    Side + IT Stretch
    Slow Walkdown to Downward Dog
    Cat to Cow 
    Side Stretch
    Legs Straight Up + Calf Stretch
    Deep Glute Stretch
    Side Lying Stretch
    Full Body Stretch + Breathing

    I really hope you enjoyed this workout. What was your favorite exercise? Did you do it with bodyweight or a band? Would you like to see more videos with exercise bands?

    Thank you for working out with me :)