Quick Bodyweight HIIT with Active Recovery Intervals

26 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type HIIT
    • Equipment Mat


    In this fast-paced high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout you will prime each plyometric exercise with a preceding isometric contraction. There is very little full recovery time between exercises in this workout — you are either engaged in an active recovery or taking a quick five-second “shakeout” to transition from one working interval to the next. 

    There are five pairs of isometric and dynamic exercises in this routine. Treat the 20-second isometric exercise as a lead-in to the following 30-second cardio-focused exercise. Imagine that you are in crouched formation at the starting line of a track meet for the 100-meter dash, mentally sharpening your focus on a stellar performance and physically storing explosive energy for your launch off the starting blocks. Transitioning from a constant muscle contraction directly into a quick-twitch muscle fiber dynamic movement pattern improves your ability to quickly adapt, adjust, and respond to varying energy demands with the appropriate energy pathways. This contrast in energy needs makes for an intense workout.

    As with many other HIIT workouts, the benefits of this training style extend beyond the workout. In addition to the potential for increased post-workout calorie burn and cardiac output, HIIT workouts challenge you to put forth an uncomfortably challenging effort that improves your mental stamina and dedication toward similarly challenging endeavors both within and outside of the fitness arena. 

    There are a few five-second shakeouts sprinkled throughout the workout towards the end of each segment/before each water break as well as before the cool-down. Otherwise, your scheduled breaks occur during the two water breaks and cool-down. During your five-second breaks, catch your breath and reset your posture before moving on to the next exercise or feel free to omit the shakeouts and proceed to the next exercise with no rest for an extra challenge. Five seconds might not seem like a lot of time, but using these few seconds to regroup is monumental for your tired muscles and brain. 

    Enjoy the three “challenge” intervals in this workout! Don’t worry — these are not random intervals and I always prepare you for their arrival. Each challenge interval combines slow and quick tempo movement patterns as an extra opportunity for you to push your physical (and mental) capabilities to the limits. 

    Have fun. Beware your sweat. 

    Warm-Up: 30 sec per exercise, no rest between exercises (4:00)
    -Squat + Knee Hugs (alternating) 
    -Butt Kickers 
    -Reverse Lunge + Overhead Press (alternating) 
    -Inchworm + Knee Pull-Ins 
    -Jump Rope 
    -Deep Squat + Torso Rotations 
    -Line Hops (forward and back) 
    -Jumping Jacks + Quarter Turn 

    Format for each Pair: Hold an isometric contraction of the first exercise in each pair for 20 seconds, followed immediately by 30 seconds of quick, explosive movement during the second exercise. Complete each pair twice (no rest between rounds). Recover approximately 30 seconds between and after pairs with the (optional) active recovery exercise. 

    Pair #1: 
    -Squat Hold + Heel Lift 
    -Quick Squat Hops (forward and back) 

    Active Recovery #1: Bodyweight Squats 

    Pair #2*: 
    -Lunge Hold + Arms OH 
    -Lunge Hop w/ Sprinter’s Arms 
    (*R leg forward on round 1, L leg forward on round 2) 

    Active Recovery #2: Alternating Reverse Lunges

    Challenge #1: 45 sec, 1 round
    -3-Count Squat + Quick Squat Jump + Squat Thrust 

    ***Water Break #1*** 

    Pair #3: 
    -Superhuman Hold 
    -High Knees 

    Active Recovery #3: Jump Rope 

    Pair #4: 
    -Forearm Plank
    -Twisting Mountain Climbers 

    Active Recovery #4: Full Plank + Down-Dog 

    Challenge #2: 45 sec, 1 round
    -3-Count Push-Up + Plank Thrust  

    ***Water Break #2***

    Pair #5: 
    -Hollow-Man Hold 
    -Sprinter’s Sit-Up 

    Active Recovery #5: Dead Bug 

    Challenge #3: 45 sec, 1 round
    -3-Count Bicycle Crunch + Toe Reach Crunch 

    Cool-Down: approx. 4:00 (approx. 30 sec per stretch) (all on the mat) 
    -Full Body Supine Stretch
    -Knee Hug/Spinal Massage 
    -Hamstrings Stretch – R 
    -Quads/Hip Flexors Stretch – R
    -Hamstrings Stretch – L 
    -Quads/Hip Flexors Stretch – L  
    -Chest Opener Stretch 
    -Tree Hug + Shoulder Rolls