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Quick and Intense HIIT Workout - Bodyweight Only HIIT Cardio

14 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    I know that there are many situations that come up on a daily if not minute by minute basis that can cut down our free time. Many of you think that Kelli and I just sit around a workout all day long but in actuality we work a 50-60 hour work week (and often more). Emails, calls and unexpected work emergencies constantly interrupt our plans to get in a workout. Now I am not going to lie and say that we are always able to fit in at least some kind of workout, because in actuality we often struggle with detaching from work, but one thing we try to do however, is roll with limited time rather than giving up all together. That is where workouts like this one come in handy.

    If you don’t have a bunch of time or just have something else you would rather be doing right then, you can still get in an effective workout that will, if not help you improve your fitness level,  at least help keep you from backsliding. This particular routine is under 14 minutes and will help you get a good cardio burn throughout your entire body but especially in those legs.  This is a HIIT routine that is built like many of our others. Tabata timing of 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest before you repeat again. It is done in an AB, AB format so you do a group of two exercises alternating for two sets apiece. Once you start you will go through 3 groups (6 exercises) without resting for longer than 10 seconds at a time. Once done with three groups you will have a short water break before starting into three new groups.

    Because this routine does not use any kind of extra weight in the form of dumbbells, kettlebells, or the like, the calorie burn and cardiovascular challenge will completely depend upon your own level of effort. If you just go through the motions you will not have a very difficult workout, however if you really push yourself 100% on every repetition for the full 20 seconds in each set you can easily burn calories at a higher rate than our top end estimate. If you need to take it slow then do so but if you want a challenge then the responsibility is in your hands. The difficulty of this routines lies in your ability to continue pushing even when you body is telling you that it is tired.

    So with that said, push play and see how hard you can push yourself for just over 12 minutes, you may just surprise yourself.

    - 6 Groups
    - 2 Exercises Each
    - AB, AB Format
    - 20 Seconds on and 10 Seconds Rest

    - None

    Warm Up / Cooldown
    - None

    High Knees

    Jumping Lunge
    Side Lunge

    Star Jump
    Plank Jack

    ----- Water Break -----

    Pop Squats
    Runners (Left and Right

    Lateral Jumps
    Squat Jacks

    Power Skips
    Jumping Jack

    Because of the nature of this routine there can be a very large range of calorie expenditure so the estimates in this routine should not be taken as exacts but more of an idea of where most people will fall. The average calorie burn for this routine will be between 65-180 calories though a few may be lower or higher.