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Quick and Easy Pilates Toning and Flexibility Workout

17 Min • Core, Total Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    This Pilates routine is short and sweet, but still gets a good sweat going with no need for a warm up or a cool down. In this video, We wanted to incorporate the warm up and cool down into the main body of the routine, so what we get is a workout with no breaks—just work.

    Though this routine targets the core muscles predominantly, we also threw in some leg-dominant moves to get the entire body involved as well. We did keep this routine more on the core side to target the abs, lower back, and obliques to really get some good muscle tone from it. After all, who doesn't want a nicely toned midsection?

    Keep in mind that though this is a relatively light, low impact workout, you can make it more difficult by using small hand or ankle weights. Just be careful, though, as even using a one pound weight with an outstretched arm or leg can make a huge difference in difficulty—and more importantly, soreness the next day. There are always options to modify exercises to make them harder or easier, so feel free to alter these exercises to meet your needs.

    Workout Summary:
    Length: 17 minutes
    Strategy: Pilates for total body 
    Equipment: optional exercise mat

    About this routine: This is a relaxed, free-form Pilates routine where each motion is done for a different amount of time or number of repetitions. Though the exercises have been put in a specific order, each exercise can be done for as long or as short as you want by pausing or fast forwarding the video. Otherwise, just push play and follow along at the pace we set. No need to do a warm up or cool down, as this routine has them both incorporated into the move progression.

    Workout Structure:

    - Free-form routine
    - Random repetitions or time limit

    - Exercise mat (optional)

    Warm up / cooldown
    - None needed

    Printable Workout:

    Overhead Stretch to Toe Touch
    Push Up
    Side Hip Raise (L&R)
    Back Bow Crossover
    Toe Taps
    Heel Taps
    Prone Leg Raise
    Seated Toe Touch

    Talk To Us:
    We try our best to read as many comments from our viewers as is humanly possible. Though we may not have time to reply to you directly, we always like to have your feedback. Tell us what you think of this routine or how you would like a routine to be done in the future. We would love to hear your opinions on how we could make our videos better or improve on the features we have on our website. So, start talking and be a part of the conversation that makes Fitness Blender better for everyone.