Workout Details

  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 50-100
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Equipment: Mat, No Equipment
  • Training Type: Strength Training, Toning
Body Focus Core

Quick 10 Minute Core Workout - Pain in My Abs


Whether you want to get in a quick extra workout for the day or you want to get some extra abdominal work in on top of the main routine you are doing, this 10 minute abs routine is a great option.  Not only does this routine target the abdominals but it also hits the obliques and lower back to give a comprehensive core workout. all in under 10 minutes.  

We have used a Tabata style interval timing of 20 seconds of activity with 10 seconds of rest/prep per set to allow just enough rest as to not allow the muscles you are working to burn out. This allows you to push at a higher level than would be typically possible with a longer interval per set resulting in a higher calorie burn, the ability to keep better form and get more improvement to endurance and strength in a smaller amount of time then with a typical core routine. 

Because of the short intervals it is very important to not only keep perfect form but to also push yourself physically as much as is possible for every second. If you go into a routine like this and just go through the motions then you will not only not feel challenged, but you will burn a significantly lower number of calories and at best only marginally improve your endurance and strength. On the other hand if you push yourself 100% with every repetition then you will find that by the end of these 10 minutes you will be not only physical tired but you will have burnt the maximum number of calories as is possible with this routine and improved muscle endurance and strength.

Just remember that this is a great routine for improving core strength and stability and is a great way to get in an extra calorie burn but don’t confuse this with a plan to get six pack abs. Though we have said this before, it never hurts reiterate that if you are going after a six pack (which has little to no relation to increased physical ability) you want to be focused on dropping fat weight to expose the muscles of your abdominal wall.  A six pack is more about a very low (sometimes unnecessarily low) body fat percentage rather than a strong core.  So, really examine your intentions for exercise and be sure you are focusing on doing what you need to to be healthy instead of tirelessly pursuing a standard that is set by an industry that is rarely driven by the pursuit of health. Trying to match your physical appearance to a fictitious standard set by the fitness industry will only lead to feelings of inadequacy and failure.  Instead, focus on being the most healthy and fit that you can be, to improve your physical ability and confidence, ultimately improving your self image for a long and vibrant life.

Workout Structure:
    •    5 Groups of 2 Exercises
    •    2 Sets per Group
    •    Tabata; 20 on 10 off
    •    Format; ABAB

    •    Mat (optional)

Warm Up / Cooldown:
    •    Not Included


    •    Plank
    •    Reverse Plank

    •    X Crunch
    •    Swimmers

    •    Side Crunch L
    •    Side Crunch R

    •    Jackknife Crunch
    •    Back Bow

    •    Plank
    •    Reverse Plank