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Pilates Abs, Butt, and Thigh Workout — Pilates Workout for Lower Body & Core

62 Min • Lower Body, Core
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates, Toning
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    Pilates is a great way to build core strength and stability, and it’s also useful for improving and maintaining flexibility and range of motion.

    Even if you’re an avid fitness enthusiast, you’re likely to find that this dynamic core/butt and thigh Pilates workout challenges you. Pilates videos like this one are a great way to add smart cross training to your routine, especially if you’re normally a fan of HIIT, cardio, or strength training. 

    If you’re not used to Pilates, workouts like this one can be surprisingly humbling. This is definitely one of those videos where you preview the exercises and think “what’s so hard about this?” — until you try the exercises for yourself in the succession that we’ve laid out here. We’ve provided modifications to make things easier or harder; feel free to switch back and forth between versions as you need to for more or less challenge.

    In order to get the most benefit out of this workout, do your best to make form a priority all throughout. Being mindful of your movement can make a huge difference in how difficult and effective the exercises are.

    Workout Structure:
    Two Groups of Movements
    10-12 Repetitions Each
    1 Set Per Exercise

    Exercise Mat (optional)

    Warm Up/Cool Down:
    Both Included

    Warm Up: 30 seconds each
    Toe Touch with Reach
    Staggered Toe Touch L (straight leg lunge w reach)
    Staggered Toe Touch R
    Wide Toe Touch with Side Lunge
    Warrior L
    Warrior R
    Walk Down
    Push Up
    Up Dog to Down Dog
    Bow with Rear Arm Stretch

    Printable Pilates Workout: 
    Group One

    Toe Taps
    Chasing Toe Taps
    Toe Taps from Table Top
    Double Toe Taps
    Supine Leg Extensions
    Double Leg Drop
    Slow Swimmer
    Fast Swimmer
    Back Bow
    Heel Taps
    Double Leg Lifts

    Group Two 
    Leg Pulse
    Double Leg Pulse
    Side Leg Raise L (Toe Down)
    Side Leg Raise L (Toe Forward)
    Side Leg Raise L (Toe Up)
    Leg Raise + Extension L
    Inside Thigh Raise + Pulse L
    Side Leg Raise R (Toe Down)
    Side Leg Raise R (Toe Forward)
    Side Leg Raise R (Toe Up)
    Leg Raise + Extension R
    Inside Thigh Raise + Pulse R
    Hip Raise
    Hip Raise Single L
    Hip Raise Single R
    Kneeling Leg Raise L (Straight Leg)
    Kneeling Leg Raise L (Knee Bent)
    Kneeling Leg Pulse L
    Kneeling Leg Raise R (Straight Leg)
    Kneeling Leg Raise R (Knee Bent)
    Kneeling Leg Pulse R

    Cool Down: Roughly 30 seconds each
    Single Leg Toe Touch and Torso Stretch L
    Single Leg Toe Touch and Torso Stretch R
    Hip Stretch
    Torso Rotation L
    Torso Rotation R
    Deep Glute L
    Deep Glute R
    Child’s Pose/Shell

    What did you think of this Pilates workout? Which sequence made your muscles burn the most? Were you sore the next day?