Pilates Abs and Obliques, Workout - 26 Minute Fitness Blender Online Pilates Class

26 Min • Core
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates, Toning
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment


    We have another Pilates routine for you focusing on just that core and we have done it a bit different this time changing up the format so it is more like being in an actual live Pilates Mat class. Kelli will be demonstrating the motions and Daniel will be doing “live” instruction for form, breathing, and modifications.

    This routine can be easily done by a beginner but is still challenging for those whom have been doing Pilates for years as we include various levels of difficulty for most exercises. You can follow along exactly with what we do for a more difficult workout or you can stay with the easier versions of each exercise as we progress for a more beginner friendly workout.

    When doing Pilates, the most important aspect is keeping your motions slow and smooth at the same time as keeping your lungs open and your breathing under control.

    All that you need in order to do this workout routine is an optional exercise mat.

    Printable Abs and Obliques Pilates Workout Routine
    Toe Taps
    Prone Leg Extensions
    Swimmers (levels 1-3)
    Back Bows (levels 1-2)
    Pilates Hundreds (levels 1-3)
    Cool Down & Stretch

    This routine is a great low impact workout, something that helps you tone your body without the jarring impact of cardio. It does requires less energy than any of our high intensity interval training videos, so the calorie expenditure is lower, but burning calories is not the only point to exercise. We estimate that this Pilates video burns 4-8 calories per minute, depending on a large number of variables (body fat percentage, level of effort, the level of difficulty that you choose to follow along with, existing fitness level, etc).

    You can do this routine 3-4 times a week, so long as those same muscle groups are not sore from working them previously. Contrary to the myth that you can work your ab muscles every day, they need time to heal, similar to any other muscle group.

    Pair this Fitness Blender abs and obliques workout video with our other 30 minute Pilates butt and thigh workout for a whole hour long online Pilates class.