Workout Details

  • Duration: 36 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 244-455
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
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Body Focus Lower Body

No Equipment Butt and Thigh Workout + Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

I was so surprised by how sore I was from this workout! There are many great butt and thigh exercises in this routine, and even the lengthy bodyweight cardio intervals also target the lower body. Your core (abs, obliques and lower back) also have to pitch in as stabilizing muscles. The end result is a workout that effectively targets the lower body without equipment, and a cardiovascular challenge that helps burn fat and boost endurance.

There are many ways to make this workout more challenging, or less difficult. As you go through this workout, your goal should be to feel the effects in your lower body (your muscles should be talking to you), to break a good sweat, and to do a little huffing and puffing for the more cardio-heavy portions. Some of these exercises might make you feel slightly uncoordinated, as they use combination moves, some balance, and sometimes some footwork that's meant to make both your body and your brain work. Don't get discouraged, just slow it down until you're moving comfortably, then step up the pace as you can. It's up to you to modify in order to make this routine appropriately challenging for your fitness level. Stay tuned in, and be ready to work hard. 

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To step up the challenge of this routine:
- Add weights to relevant exercises (once you're sure form is perfect)
- Push yourself hard throughout the entire interval
- Wear a weighted vest
- Cut down on rest intervals for even lengthier working intervals
- Make sure you're pulling your core in nice and tight the entire time (every fitness level should focus on this but staying especially focused on this can also be a way to step up the challenge of any given routine)

To make it easier:
- Take longer or more frequent rest breaks
- Stick to the low impact versions of each exercise
- Move at your own pace; it doesn't matter how slow you're going, as long as you're moving. Just don't be afraid to push yourself.

Lower Body & Cardio Workout
No equipment
Warm up & cool down included

Warm Up (25 seconds each)
Boxer Shuffle
Slow Butt Kicks
High Knee March
Warrior Lunge Leans
Alternating Front Kicks
Side Lunges
Good Mornings
Reverse Leg Lifts
Quick Butt Kicks
Jumping Jacks

Workout: 45 On, 15 Off x 2  for each group
Lateral Jump Squat Jacks 
Reverse Lunge + Side Leg Raise

3 Squat Hops + Side Lunge
Stutter Squat Calf Raise

Water break

Jump Squats + Kickout & Lift
Sumo Squats

Jump Squat Side Taps

Static Jumping Lunge + Center Squat Drop
Pilates Reverse Lifts

6 Burpee Front Kick
Static Squat

Cool Down & Stretch (freestyle)

What did you guys think of this workout? Was there a particular interval that was challenging for you? The Static Jumping Lunge + Center Squat had me working hard, as did the Squat Hop Side Lunge Combo. 

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