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Lower Body Strength With HIIT Finisher Weights With Cardio EMOMs

28 Min • Lower Body • Spicy
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training
    • Equipment Dumbbell, Kettlebell


    Today, we're using one of my favorite formats: strength + EMOMs. When I’m pressed for time, this type of workout provides a great pump, burn, and just the right amount of torture. Don’t worry, we threw in a quick water break, too!

    This workout is easily scalable to be what you need it to be. Move slowly through the 45-second strength intervals if you’re carrying heavy weights and aiming for low reps. On the flip slide, train for muscle endurance with low weight and high reps. For those of you restarting the fitness journey or just starting out, aim for low weight, proper form, and breath support. Even though I am three years postpartum, my goal is muscle endurance and stable pelvic alignment, which is why I demonstrated with (1) 10-lb weight. 

    Let’s take a moment to review Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) circuits. The goal of an EMOM is to practice a specific number of exercises and reps within 1 minute. The harder you work during each interval, the more time you will have to rest until the next minute begins. Our two finishers include 3 weighted exercises that will be repeated 3x each. Two EMOM circuits equals quite the finisher! I worked at about 90% effort using (1) 10-lb weight. 

    My Workout Notes: 

    • Workout format: Bored easily style with 45 seconds on / 15 seconds off. For the EMOM circuits, I call out the names of the exercises but do not include workout previews, since you’ll move at your own pace. 
    • I’ve kept the 3-2-1 countdown warnings. Be ready to move (or recover) when you hear the last beep.
    • Rep goal is 6 (or 3 per side) for EMOMs. Remember, non-weighted EMOMs are just as effective as weighted ones. If you notice your form starting to suffer, drop the weights to prevent injury. I used a single 10-lb weight and thought it was the perfect amount for me to complete the exercises safely yet effectively.
    • Repeat the pure strength circuit to get in some more weightlifting! I did that during my practice round and highly recommend if you have 10 extra minutes to spare. Time stamps are 6:20-14:20. 

    Lastly, we rated this workout as a level 4 due to the format, duration of the workout, and cardiovascular demand of the EMOM finisher. Practicing with light weights, taking modifications, and decreasing the speed of your movements would make this workout feel like a level 3.

    Printed Workout

    Hip circles
    Squat to front kick
    Deep squat with weight shifts
    Leg swings
    Good mornings

    Pure Strength Workout with Dumbbell or Kettlebell
    Narrow to wide stance squat
    Tempo Deadlifts
    Dumbbell pick up
    Cossack squats
    Good morning
    Staggered lunges
    Wall sit burnout

    *Water break*

    Weighted EMOM Finisher

    Circuit 1:
    Side lunges
    Kettlebell/dumbbell swings
    Squat jumps

    Circuit 2:
    Plank kettlebell/dumbbell pass
    Thruster + Press up
    Split squat jumps

    Freestyle Cool Down