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Lower Body Strength for Mass - Ultimate Home Workout for Lower Body Mass

37 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Strength Training
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    This lower body workout focuses on all the major muscle groups throughout the legs—and then some. If you are looking for a workout to build strength and size in your legs, look no further. This is a traditional strength workout built using supersets to cut down on time, but also increase overall muscle development. This is not a gender or age specific workout, so anyone who is looking to improve leg strength can use this workout (taking into account their own strength and limitations).

    The amount of weight I use for each exercise is just for educational purposes and is in no way a suggestion of what you should be lifting as you will have to make that decision on your own depending on the exercise and your own strength levels. Because we have set this routine up to use 3 sets of 8 repetitions each, it is intended to build strength and size (so pick your weights accordingly). The main goal you should be considering when choosing your weights is to pick enough weight that you have difficulty finishing the last 2-4 repetitions of at least the last set of repetitions per exercise while still keeping clean form.

    Trying to use too much weight is a common mistake among exercisers looking to build strength or size and if it causes your form with a particular exercise to suffer, then it will greatly increase your chances of injury or at the very least cause you to limit your range of motion to control the extra weight. You want to be able to complete a full repetition of each exercise with a maximum controlled range of motion with perfect form each time. Proper exercise form and using a full range of motion around the joint or joints being utilized for that exercise is by far more important to an overall level of fitness. 

    So, take your time, pick an appropriate amount of weight for your own strength, and increase it as you can while still keeping your form solid on each repetition.

    We have included a written version of the workout below.

    Workout Structure:
    Warm Up: (30 Seconds Each)
    Side Steps
    Torso Circles
    High Knee March
    Side Leg Raises L
    Side Leg Raises R
    Standing Toe Touch Kick L
    Standing Toe Touch kick R
    Boxer Shuffle
    Alternating Lunge
    Jumping Jack

    Workout: (3 Sets of 8 Repetitions Each)
    Leg Raises

    Side Lunges
    Inside Leg Raises

    Calf Raises

    Alternating Lunges/ Jumping Lunges (One Set Max)

    Cool Down: (30 Seconds Each)
    Toe Touch (Left over Right)
    Toe Touch (Right over Left)
    Quad Stretch L
    Quad Stretch R
    Inside Thigh L
    Inside Thigh R
    Plank Calf Stretch L
    Plank Calf Stretch R
    Shell Stretch

    Because we are lifting extra weight and using a superset style workout the calorie burn for this workout is actually quite high. On average this workout burns 6 calories per minute on the low end and 14 calories per minute on the high end. This gives a total burn of 224 to 515 calories over the course of this 37 minute workout. Keep in mind that because this workout focuses on strength/muscle building you get an extra after burn effect that can burn extra calories over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours.