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Most Challenging Program Yet? FB Fit Round 4 is Here!

Lower Body Strength and Plyometrics - Mass and Power Workout Video for Legs

47 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Plyometric, Strength Training
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    This lower body strength and plyometric workout video is aggressive to say the least. It is designed to help build overall size, strength and explosive power.  We have combined a section of traditional strength exercises with a section of dynamic plyometric exercises to make this workout video one of the most intense lower body workouts we have ever done.

    The overall goal of this routine is to build size and we make sure you are going to achieve sore muscles the next day by not just doing a hard traditional strength routine but by first working the legs with intense plyometric exercises.

    Section one consists of 6 plyometric exercises done in 3 groups of 2 exercises at a time. We will be doing each group of two exercises for 2 sets and 8 repetitions per set in an alternating AB, AB pattern. If you have never done plyometric movements before then try a few repetitions slowly first before doing your full effort reps; please note that this routine is not a good starting place for beginners (make sure and use the search tool where you can search workouts by difficulty if you need something easier to start with).  These movements are intended to be done with 100% of your strength, force and intensity to build raw power in your legs.  These movements also happen to turn your legs into jello with only a few repetitions so be sure to give each repetition everything you have to get the most out of this section.

    After our quick plyometric section is done we then move to the dumbbells to torture those already wobbly legs with some traditional strength training. We do this section second because the movements are not as dynamic (don't demand as much effort for control) and you can adjust the weight you are lifting to easily get back under control when your legs start to give out on you. In this section we will be again doing 6 exercises in 3 groups of 2 exercises at a time. We will again be doing 8 repetitions per set and alternating AB, AB format but this time however we will be doing 3 sets per exercise rather than 2 as in section one. 

    When doing these strength building movements be sure to use the maximum amount of weight you can while still feeling as though you have complete control.  Form is the most important aspect with these exercises so be sure keep every movement clean and under control. You want to pick a weight that is still heavy enough that you have difficulty finishing all 8 repetitions per set especially for set 2 and 3.

    Push yourself with this routine and you will increase your lean muscle mass as well as the strength, power and size of your legs and butt, as well as enjoy some very sore muscles.

    Workout Structure:
         Plyometric Section
         - 6 Exercises, 3 Groups
         - 2 Sets, 8 Repetitions
         - AB, AB Format

         Strength Section
         - 6 Exercises, 3 Groups
         - 3 Sets, 8 Repetitions
         - AB, AB Format

    - Dumbbells
    - Bench Optional

    Warm Up/Cool Down:
    - Both Included


    Warm Up:
    - High Knee March
    - Squat Circles
    - Torso Circles
    - Leg Swings (L)
    - Leg Swings (R)
    - Depth Squat
    - Dead Lift and Reach
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Up and Outs
    - Jumping Jack

    Plyometrics Section:
    - Box Jumps
    - Jumping Lunges

    - Box Taps (High Knees)
    - Jump Squats

    - Broad Jumps
    - Agility Dots


    Strength Section:
    - Step Ups
    - Alternating Side Lunge 

    - Dead Lift
    - Alternating Lunge

    - Squat
    - Calf Raise

    Cool Down:
    Free Style