Low Impact Cardio and Core Bored-Easily Format With No Repeated Exercises

39 Min • Total Body • Sweaty
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Strength Training
    • Equipment Mat


    Today's routine is quite the trifecta: bored-easily, low-impact cardio, and core strength—three of my favorite qualities in a workout. Between the five rounds of cardio and core, we will target your whole body without repeating exercises!

    **Workout Highlights**

    • 39 minutes, 3/5 difficulty
    • 45 seconds on // 15 seconds off
    • The first, third, and fifth rounds are low-impact cardio
    • The second and fourth rounds are core strength
    • Warm-up, cool-down, and two water breaks included
    • Modifications for higher or lower impact options included

    I like low-impact exercises because they can easily be modified to a higher-impact exercise, but if I want to keep the impact low, I can still get a great workout! To me, a great workout means I have sweat dripping from my face and I'm out of breath. This routine certainly delivered, and I am excited to share it with you.

    Our warm-up and cool-down are each five minutes long, and the body of the workout is 25 minutes. There are quick water breaks after the first and second rounds of cardio. If you need a more extended rest, feel free to hit the pause button. Each round consists of five different exercises that you will perform for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest. Each unique exercise will keep your body guessing and your brain entertained. 

    The Workout 

    Warm-Up (5 minutes)
    30 seconds each

    • High Marches
    • Cross Behind Ankle Slaps
    • Arm Circles - Forward
    • Arm Circles - Backwards
    • Plank Walk Downs
    • Hamstring Scoops
    • Crescent Lunge Cactus Arms - R
    • Crescent Lunge Cactus Arms - L
    • Lateral Step Cross Body Reach
    • Modified Jumping Jack

    Workout (25 minutes)
    45 seconds on // 15 seconds off

    Cardio #1

    • Quick Hamstring Curls
    • Reverse Lunge 3 Pulses + Knee Drive - R
    • Reverse Lunge 3 Pulses + Knee Drive - L
    • Squat-Squat+Heel Raise
    • Heismans

    **Water Break**

    Core #1

    • Flutter Kicks
    • Oblique Crunches - R
    • Oblique Crunches - L
    • Reclined Bicycle
    • Curl Up Double Leg Stretch

    Cardio #2

    • Lateral Runners - R
    • Lateral Runners - L
    • Deadlift-Lateral Squat
    • Floor to Ceiling Punches
    • Side to Side Toe Taps

    **Water Break**

    Core #2

    • Plank Pike Ankle Touches
    • Forearm Plank Knee Bends
    • Side Plank Dips - R
    • Side Plank Dips - L
    • Plank Alternating Knee to Elbow

    Cardio #3

    • Ankle Slap Lateral Lunges
    • Sumo Squat Pulses
    • Knee Drive Modified Split Squat - R
    • Knee Drive Modified Split Squat - L
    • Lateral Quick Feet 

    Cool-Down (5 minutes)
    30 seconds each

    • Alternating Step Back Side Body Stretch
    • Swan Dives
    • Seated Hamstring - R
    • Seated Trunk Rotation - L
    • Seated Hamstring - L
    • Seated Trunk Rotation - R
    • Piriformis - R
    • Piriformis - L
    • Kneeling Hip Flexor - R
    • Kneeling Hip Flexor - L

    I hope you enjoyed this cardio and core routine. Thanks for working out with me! 

    Happy exercising!