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Low Impact Abs, Butt and Thighs Workout - Feel Good Total Body Sculpt and Stretch

11 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Barre, Low Impact, Toning, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    This is a quick, feel good workout that's going to wake up your muscles and your mind. It's a blend of body shaping strength moves, balance exercises, and stretches. Low impact, but not easy (there are some advanced postures throughout this workout), you can take this one at your own pace in order to make it work for you. You aren't going to need any equipment for this workout, aside from an optional exercise mat.

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    Workout Structure
    9 Exercises
    50 Seconds Each
    10 Seconds Rest between each
    1 Round
    Warm up and Cool Down not included

    Exercises in this routine
    Single Leg Jackknifes + Back Bends - Do a repetition of a single leg jackknife on each side of the body, then go up into a back bend (use as much or as little range of motion as is comfortable).

    Downward Dog Twists - Hold a brief downward dog stretch, then take one leg and briefly rest your outer thigh on the ground underneath your body; go back to downward dog and repeat on the opposite side of the body.

    Plank Drops - Go into a plank and touch your knees to the floor (don't rest them there!); repeat.

    Figure 4 Squats - This is a combination standing glute stretch squat. Cross one leg over the thigh of the other, and dip down into as low of a squat as you can control.

    Lunge Drops - Step back into a lunge; lower the knee of your back leg to the ground; come back up and repeat. (Repeat one full interval on both sides of the body)Walk Down Push Ups + Squat Hold - Start from a standing position; bend at the waist to place hands on the ground, and walk your way out into a push up position. Complete one push up and use your hands to "walk" back up, but only to a squat position; hold for a couple of counts (never releasing that squat) and repeat.

    Back Bows + Toe Touches - Complete one back bow, roll over onto your back, complete one toe touch crunch; repeat, this time rolling the opposite direction.

    Squats + Rotations - Go into a squat, hold, and rotate your body to reach one arm behind your body.

    How to use this Workout Routine
    You can use this as a standalone routine when all you've got is ten minutes, or you can add this onto the end of any of our strength and cardio routines in order to cool the body down, get a little more out of those muscles, and a bit of a stretch, as well. You can do multiple rounds of this workout to make for a longer sweat session, and you can do this routine multiple times a day. Do give yourself a couple of days off in between workouts if your muscles are very sore from all of the new exercises.