Kettlebell 'til you Drop — Total Body Kettlebell Workout Video

40 Min • Total Body, Lower Body
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    • Training Type Kettlebell, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell, Kettlebell


    These kettlebell exercises thoroughly work a wide variety of muscle groups, and burn a great deal of calories while doing so. For this routine (ideally), you will have several different weights of kettlebells to choose from, in order to cater to the varying strengths of each muscle group.

    Remember, if you don’t have access to kettlebells, you can always use a dumbbell instead. Some of the exercises may be a bit more awkward with a dumbbell, but small adjustments to grip can make for a suitable alternative.

    For this video, we have put together a comprehensive routine that you can do from start to finish and count as your entire workout. It is lengthy (40 minutes) and it also includes your warm up and cool down. If you have a lot of energy left when you are done with this one, you could always tack on a bit of extra cardio in order to really wear yourself out and burn some extra calories too.

    Workout Structure
    45 Minutes
    Warm Up and Cool Down both included
    321-522 Calories Burned

    Warm Up
    Big Arm Circles
    Torso Circles, alternating
    Standing Toe Touch Kicks, alternating
    Torso Rotations with High Knees
    Standing Oblique Crunches
    Up and Out Hops
    Jumping Jacks (regular)
    Jumping Jacks (fly jacks)
    High Knees

    Kettlebell Workout
    KB Swing
    KB Full Swing
    KB Single Arm Swing, alternating
    KB Rack (L & R)
    KB Bottom Up Rack and Hold (L & R)
    KB Squat and Press (L & R)
    KB Halos (clockwise and counterclockwise)
    Lunge with Single Arm Swing (L & R)
    Lunge Pass Under, alternating
    KB Straight leg Dead Lift (single leg)
    Turkish Get Up (L and R)
    KB Pull Over (L and R)
    KB Hammer Curl (bottom up position)
    Overhead Tricep Extension
    KB Side Crunch (L and R)
    KB Toe Touch crunch
    KB Russian Twist
    KB Back Bow (bottom Up)

    Cool Down & Full body Stretch

    Form is important. If at any time during this routine you feel like you are getting tired enough that your form is starting to suffer, hit pause and grab a drink of water – take an extra long break if you need to — before jumping right back into the routine. It’s better to be able to go at it full force and with good form than to limp your way through the workout with poor form, putting yourself at a higher risk for injury.