Kettlebell HIIT Workout - HIIT Kettlebell Training


Calorie burn:

240 to 420





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, Kettlebell

Workout type:

HIIT, Kettlebell, Strength Training

Body focus:


Workout Details

If you have ever worked with Kettlebells before, you know that they can provide a very intense workout in a little amount of time, similarly if you have ever done High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) then you know that it also has the ability to quickly and effectively burn a lot of calories. With this routine we have combined these two powerhouse training styles to create one quick and effective calorie-burning workout.

With this style of workout you need to be sure that you do not overtrain. It's important to be careful that you do not do this routine more often than your body can handle, which would lead to stress injuries that can slow down your progress or even keep you from exercising at all.

Since everyone’s body is different when it comes to it's ability to heal and avoid injury, you will have to listen to your own body when making the call as to how often you can get away with performing this workout. We generally suggest that this style of routine not be done more than 2 to 4 times per week.

Because many Kettlebell exercises are explosive in nature they should never be used as the sole component of a workout regimen unless the routine has been properly built to include non-explosive movements as well, as using only explosive movements will inevitably lead to injury. The same can be said for the HIIT routines as well, so just be sure to incorporate an even amount of moderate, lower impact activity throughout your weekly fitness program.

For this routine we start out with a short 7 minute warm up designed to not only increase blood flow to the extremities but also to open up the joints (increase range of motion) that will be used the most through this workout.

Once your heart rate is elevated a bit and your body is warmed up we will start into the Kettlebell HIIT workout. This portion consists of only three different motions (which are explained in detail below) with a 40 second active period with a 20 second rest in between. As you become stronger you can change this interval to 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off or even 50 to 10. Once the intervals are done we have a short stretching section that targets the muscles most heavily used in this routine. You can stop here or add in a cardio or core workout to extend your calorie burn even more.

The exercises used in the Kettlebell HIIT routine are as follows:

1. Clean and Press: This motion is done with one arm at a time and is a two stage motion. The first motion brings the Kettlebell up to the shoulder and the next presses it over the head. This is a great leg and shoulder workout that primarily targets the quadriceps, glutes, lower back, deltoid and tricep.

2. Full Swing: This full body motion is a double-handed swing that brings the kettle bell directly above your head at the top of the motion. Driven from the legs, back and shoulders this motion is a great totally body exercise that will get your heart pumping and burn massive amounts of calories.

3. Figure 8 Curl: This motion is not only a good calorie burner but it is also great for building core control and overall coordination. This figure 8 motion also incorporates a quick jerk/curl motion to add an extra arm and core component.

This half hour routine burns calories to varying degrees throughout but on average burns around 8-14 calories per minute depending on your height, weight, and muscle content as well as the amount of weight you use for the Kettlebell exercises.



10/08/14 7:34am

Love this one. I find myself going to this workout when I'm not feeling very motivated. I tell myself "it's only 3 moves" and by the time I'm done, I'm SO glad I did it. This is one of my favorites. Thanks for everything you guys do.


07/08/14 8:33am

Found my workout for tomorrow ;)


07/01/14 10:07pm

I love this one! I used dumbells so the figure eight curls took me a sec to figure out. I think I might need to upgrade my 10 pounders because these moves r getting easier. Welllll, except for those full swings with two 10 lbs weights, very challenging!


05/19/14 8:53am

Thanks Daniel , I started with a 10Lbs kb to get my form down next workout I'm coming with my 20Lbs great workout!!!


03/23/14 7:48am

This is a great introduction to HIIT - not too complicated but sure gets the lungs pumping.


12/28/13 9:54am

Starting to feel some changes after about 2 months 5 workouts at least a week. How about a full video on how to do each kettlebell move correctly? It might help me to save my back. I must be doing better because my back isn't hurting as much as when I went up 5lbs a few weeks ago, but still would love some proper stance instruction. Thanks. Loving your workouts.


12/23/13 5:45am

Did the first round with an 32lb for the Full Swing and Clean and Press and an 24lb dumbbell for the Figure 8. 24lb and 16lb dumbell for the 2nd round. My body was shaking at the end...

08/02/13 11:37pm

Just finished this workout while my daughter was downstairs doing Kelli's Quiet Cardio Workout. I used a 20 lb. KB for the Figure 8 Curl and the full swing, and a 12 lb. KB for the Clean and Press. Tough workout, but I loved it!


07/02/13 8:15pm

6'0", 195 lb male and I do this workout with a 45 lb and 53 lb bell (I do regular swings, not American, over-the-head, use the heavy bell for those)--so my question is with those size bells am I likely hitting the upper end of the calorie burn? It feels it.


05/20/13 4:46am

Thanks fitblend, tough but simple workout. I am using ghettobells, milk jugs in this case, but typically bench 200 lb. Still a great workout.


04/13/13 4:18pm

I work out regularly (Jazzercise Instructor) and I use 7lb weights for our strength training portion. Never used kb's before. Any suggestions for what weight to start with?


03/28/13 11:38am

This type of workout was new to me, have never done kettlebells, but I used a dumbbell instead. My reps were not very high because I was concentrating on form, hopefully I'll improve :)


09/27/12 10:35pm

My three favorite exercises with KB, this is simple but tough!

fitness blender

07/11/12 10:39pm

@mellisa Yes, a dumbbell works fine for most kb exercises.


07/10/12 7:05am

Can I do the same with a dumbbell?

fitness blender

07/08/12 10:17am

@b888f2004 Yes I would suggest it, especially as you move up to heaver weights, as they can really take a toll (scraping and bruising your forearm).


07/05/12 11:37pm

Do U recommend to wear a protective waist band while doing such kettlebell HIIT routine? Tks.


06/12/12 1:35pm

thank you, excellent workout. its not as easy as it looks with the 3 exercises only. its definitely tough. i am using your kettlebell videos for training and weight loss. its better than paying Apple on the app store. thank you very much for providing this free service. wish you well...


05/16/12 2:56pm

this workout seemed easy to me at first but, wow this is tough, I did this two days ago and I still can't sit on my butt, and I didn't even consider myself as a beginner!!

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