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Insane Cardio Workout Challenge - Climbing the Mountain: Ladder Workout - Hardest Workout Yet?

61 Min • Total Body, Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    This is going to be tough.  I made this routine for all of you out there that were calling for a "really hard workout".  This is a ladder style interval that starts at 10 seconds per set and ends at 60 seconds per set, which will leave your body feeling like jello. So be sure to mark this as being in the Brutal Workout or Advanced Workout categories.

    The trick with this one is to keep up your effort as you become increasingly more tired.  The first round of our 8 moves will only be done for 10 seconds each with a nice long 15 second break which will feel nice and easy. The difficulty will quickly go up though as each round adds 10 seconds to the active interval but does not change your rest period. This means that round two will be 20 seconds on and 15 off; round three will be 30 seconds on and 15 off and so on until you hit the last round that is a 60 seconds long interval again with only a 15 second rest in between. This means that our first round will only last just over 3 minutes and our last round will be almost 10 minutes.

    So, do a warm up, push play and go to your happy place, because this is going to hurt!

    Workout Structure:
    - 8 Exercises, 1 Set, 6 Rounds
    - Activity from 10 - 60 Seconds
    - Rest 15 Seconds

    - None

    Warm Up / Cool Down:
    - Independent warm up; cool down & stretch included

    Printable Workout:
    - Single Leg Burpee (L and R)
    - Side Lunge Pops (L and R)
    - Mt Climber Get Up
    - Squat Jacks
    - Push Up Jacks
    - High Knees

    Because of the nature of this workout your calorie burn per minute will be quite high as long as you push yourself. If you just limp through the routine, your calorie burn could be drastically lower. The average burn for this workout is anywhere from 8 calories per minute on the low end up to 17 calories per minute on the high end.