HIIT Workout for Endurance - Brutal 30 Minute Home Cardio & Toning


Calorie burn:

360 to 510





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, Medicine Ball

Workout type:

HIIT, Plyometric

Body focus:


Workout Details

This HIIT workout uses short bouts of high intensity intervals in order to help you burn fat and increase your endurance in as little time as possible.

The exercises are a blend of bodyweight cardio, challenging toning moves, and plyometrics. Because of this combination this routine would be great for performance enhancement for an athlete of any sport, or for someone who just wants to train like an athlete.

HIIT routines are known for being intense, and busy people are gravitating toward them because research keeps showing that these brief workouts are a great way to get maximum calorie burn and a metabolism boost that lasts up to 48 hours after you have finished exercising.

Our HIIT video is not for beginners – these exercises are high impact and strenuous and the routine is long, particularly considering how intense the moves are.

Before starting this routine, make sure that you do 5-10 minutes of warm up cardio in order to get your muscles ready for the demanding exercises ahead.

Workout Structure:
There are four different groups of three exercises. You will do each group twice through before moving onto the next. The timing is set at a 2:1 ratio of active exercise to rest; 20 seconds on, and ten seconds off.

The pace is very quick; basically the entirety of your quick “rest” intervals will be spent transitioning to the next exercise. If you ever need to slow down and take a longer break than is allowed in the video, just hit pause and give yourself a chance to catch your breath.

How often should I do high intensity interval training workouts?
The high impact nature of these routines makes them a type of training that you want to use relatively sparingly. Two to three times a week is ideal.

It is best to save this kind of training for days where your schedule is truly too packed to spend a full 60-90 minutes in the gym. This does not mean that you can’t workout or do cardio on other days, just choose a form that is less harsh on your body systems and joints. Sustained endurance cardio would be a better option on those days where you are looking for a break from HIIT routines; 30-60 minutes of a walk, light jog, elliptical or swimming session are all good examples of complimentary alternatives.

How many calories does this Fitness Blender workout burn?
In the 30 minutes of this routine, you are looking at burning around 360-510 calories. That is a whopping 12-17 calories per minute.

This figure only reflects the expenditure that occurs during the actual exercise session – it does not even take into consideration the elevated rate of burn that occurs after you disturb your metabolic balance with something like high intensity interval training. What that means is that while you are sitting around reading a book later, your body will still be expending energy at a higher rate than if you had not done this workout.

Remember, caloric expenditure is decided by a complex number of variables including your lean muscle mass, gender, fitness level, bodyweight, etc.

Make sure that you do a proper cool down and a thorough stretching when you are finished with this video. You will likely have sweat out a significant amount of water weight, so you will want to make sure that you replenish yourself so that you don’t get dehydrated.

You should also make healthy eating a priority, particularly after beating yourself up with a routine like this one. Think of it as feeding & nourishing your muscles so that they can heal themselves and be ready for your next workout.



03/29/15 3:36am


02/25/15 4:25pm

I'm a veteran Blender and I keep coming back to this video! I really like the workout structure ABCx2, it keeps one muscle group from being constantly burned out but still keeps my heart rate soaring, making this workout tough but doable (my favorite). Though after doing a lot of your level 5s I'd argue that the second half of this workout is a level 4 ;) haha, yeah, I can't believe I just typed this sentence.


01/04/15 11:15am

Not so much a comment but some needed advice. I recently had a scoped knee in Nov. Trying to be patient with the healing process. Trying to find or use different equipment in the gym. Spin bike, rowing machine, body weight stuff. I just can't squat, lung, etc. Any advice for a full body cardio, and strength training? This is what I did before the surgery. 5-6 days on. Spin bike or shadow boxing with weights for 20 min. Then to HIIT workouts every other day. Then heavy bag workouts every other day. I have a 37 years in the fighting and training part of "old" school kickboxing. Thanks
Ron Barnett


04/17/14 4:53pm

I really enjoyed this workout. I found it to be quite challenging however, I didn't have access to the equipment used in the video at the time that I did it so I did the following modifications:
Turkish Get Ups, I did Burpees
Jackknive Crunches w/Medicine Ball - regular Jacknife Crunches
Physioball Back Extensions - Backbows
Hanging Leg Raises - Mountain Climbers


03/16/14 6:11pm

Loved the workout. make sure to add to the equipment needed section that you needed a physioball and something to hang from. had to pause and run those down.

clover 94

02/14/14 3:08am

LOVE this workout. :) x


01/08/14 4:45am

Wow that nearly killed me!!! Thnx guys x


12/19/13 12:43pm

Second time I did this workout on day 33. Seriously? Second round still brings me to my limits.


10/01/13 2:22pm

I`m on one of the 8 weeks fat loss program. This is workout # 30. I was doing ok until this one. Now I`m in bed...Both of my knees are torn.


03/16/14 6:12pm

Literally tore something? :/


08/01/13 2:38am

Sadly I only burned 200 calories doing this video, even though I did most of the exercises full out.


07/23/13 12:00am

This is one of my favorites!


06/03/13 10:51pm

I love every workout that I have tried. Off course I love you guys!!!!!


08/19/12 12:00pm

Hi lovely people! Thank you so much for your very pro workout videos. I'm a young personal trainer and I'm so happy to see workouts so close to my heart. I love to train my clients with a well-rounded program that includes everything you guys encompass. Keep up the good work, many thanks, and congrats xx


03/13/12 8:20am

heey guys im absolutely loving your videos, just could u help me with scheduling my weekly workouts... from monday to saturday how should a program my workouts to equally balance my upper and lower body + core? Thanx!

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