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HIIT Cardio, Abs, and Yoga Workout - Fun Mashup with Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Options

36 Min • Lower Body, Core
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    This routine is a fun and effective blend of high intensity interval training cardio (HIIT), a core routine, as well as a yoga workout for weight loss, toning & strength plus a relaxing cool down & stretch at the end of the video. Everything you need for a good home workout is included in this video.

    One of the biggest advantages of this particular Fitness Blender workout is the fact that both of us are going through this routine together; one of us does the more advanced version of the exercises, and the other shows an intermediate/low impact version of the move. Not only does this make this video more accessible to both beginners and advanced exercisers, it also shows you how to modify exercises that rely upon any weaknesses you might have. For example, if your endurance starts to run out on you during one of the HIIT intervals, just switch over to the easier version until you've caught your breath again. On the other hand, beginners will have the convenient option to occasionally switch over to the harder version of an exercise if something feels too easy - pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, even for just 5-20 seconds at a time, is a great way to increase your overall fitness.

    Workout Structure

    • Components: HIIT cardio weaved in with an abs and obliques workout + toning yoga and stretches
    • No equipment
    • Warm up & cool down included
    • Beginner & advanced modifications shown throughout the video

    How often can I do this HIIT workout?
    HIIT is intense and the body will need time to properly heal itself in between each session; high intensity interval training should be done a maximum of 3 times a week (anything over roughly every other day would be overkill).

    All of the clips you see in this video are from the Fitness Blender 5 Day Workout Challenge. We loved all of the routines in the challenge & wove together some of our favorite portions from the plan into a whole new workout video. Did you like this mashup workout?