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HIIT and Kickboxing Cardio Plus Abs - Home Cardio and Abs Workout

38 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning, Kickboxing
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Ready to get your heart rate up, and your muscles sore? This HIIT cardio and cardio kickboxing routine with an abs burnout round is a great home workout to burn calories, improve endurance and coordination all without having to set foot in a gym. No equipment means you can do this routine anywhere you have the space and an internet connection. Warm and sunny outside? Do it at your local park. Rainy? Do it in your living room. Traveling? Do it in your hotel room.

    We have combined two of our favorite types of cardio exercises (that also challenge those muscles) and put it with a quick abs routine to make a great sweat dripping routine. Because this workout video does not use any equipment you can adjust the difficulty on the fly with minor modifications or by simply increasing or decreasing the level of effort you put into each repetition.  Start with the lower body focused HIIT section to really get your heart and lungs working. Doing our usual Tabata style timed intervals you can push yourself to the max again and again with micro rest breaks.  Then, tax your upper body with an intense round of cardio kickboxing. Utilizing the same interval pattern as the high intensity interval training section we are able to really wear out your upper body without getting so tired that you want to give up. The key is to push yourself hard for short bursts so you slide in and out of aerobic and anaerobic training, getting the best of both worlds.  

    After a combined 16 minutes of intense cardio we drop the intensity down a bit for a core section designed to hit all the major muscles from hips to rib cage and many more. At 45 seconds a piece those abs should be getting a nice burn by the time we are done. Then we finish off with a nice cool down stretch to help loosen up any tight muscles before you go about the rest of your day.

    Remember that how much energy you burn is directly related to how much energy you put into each repetition so be sure to constantly push yourself to your comfortable maximum. Form is still the most important part of any exercise so be sure to only push as hard as your form will allow.

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    Workout Structure:
    - 3 Sections (HIIT, Kickboxing, Core)
    - Each Section Uses a Timed Interval
    - Section 1 & 2 Use a Tabata Interval
    - Section 3 Uses 45 Sec On and 15 Off

    - None Needed

    Warm Up / Cool Down:
    - Both Included

    Printable HIIT Cardio Kickboxing and Abs Workout:

    Warm Up: 5 Min
    - Side Step Arm Cross
    - High Knee March
    - Toe Touch Sweeps
    - Squat Push Pull
    - Toe Touch Kicks (L)
    - Toe Touch KIcks (R)
    - Sumo Squat w/ Ventral Raise
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Up and Outs
    - Jumping Jacks

    HIIT: 8 Min (20 On, 10 Off; AB, AB)
    - Jumping Lunge
    - Burpee

    - Lateral Jumps
    - Walk Downs

    - Squat Jack Jump (2 jacks then jump)
    - Plank To Push Up

    - Runner L
    - Runner R

    Kickboxing: 8 Min (20 On, 10 Off; AB, AB)
    - Duck, Jab, Cross
    - Uppercut, Jab, Cross, Knee

    - Hook x2, Uppercut x2
    - Knee x2, Jab, Cross

    - Hook x2, Jab, Cross, Uppercut
    - Uppercut x2, Hook x2, Knee

    - Jab Cross
    - Knee

    Core: 8 Min
    - Toe Touch Cross Crunch
    - Back Bow Cross
    - Double Side Leg Lift (L)
    - Double Side Leg Lift (R)
    - Plank
    - Reverse Plank
    - Side Plank (L)
    - Side Plank (R)

    Cool Down: 5 Min
    - Seated Split + Arm Cross (L&R)
    - Center Split Stretch
    - Single Leg Toe Touch (L)
    - Single Leg Toe Touch (R)
    - Butterfly Stretch
    - Torso Stretch (L)
    - Torso Stretch (R)
    - Cobra
    - Shell Stretch
    - Full Body Stretch

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