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Fat Blasting At Home Cardio Kickboxing Workout Video

10 Min • Core, Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning, Kickboxing
    • Equipment No Equipment


    Here is another fun filled kickboxing routine to make you sweat. We have put in new combinations of moves to keep you guessing so you are not only working your body but you are working your brain as well.

    This, as with all of our kickboxing routines, is a great cardio workout you can do at home without a single piece of equipment. Crank your favorite feel good music and punch, kick, and sweat your way through this fun calorie blasting workout. This is a great way to not only challenge and improve your overall cardiovascular and pulmonary endurance and function but it is also a great way to improve overall muscle tone throughout the entire body.

    Being present and pushing yourself is what these kickboxing routines are all about. You can easily limp your way through a workout like this, but letting your limbs flail about without any conviction isn't going to burn off body fat nearly as fast as swinging and kicking like you mean it. Focus on the motions that you are executing; put force behind your movements and concentrate on maintaining control over your body. Flex, keep your core tight, and your motions quick and you can really turn this basic cardio routine into a serious calorie burner.


    Cardio kickboxing combinations in this routine

    Jab + Jab + Cross + Cross
    Upper Cut + Upper Cut + Hook + Hook
    Jab + Jab + Cross + Upper Cut + Upper Cut
    Jab + Upper Cut + Knee (r) + Knee (r)
    Shin Block (f) + Shin Block (f) + Cross + Jab
    Shin Block (f) + Knee (r) + Shin Block (f) + Knee (r) + Front Kick (f)

    Calorie Burn Estimates
    This routine burns approximately 8-14 calories per minute. If you make it all the way through and feel like you've still got energy left, you can always do it again for twice the calorie burn - we also have many other cardio kick boxing workouts that you can choose from if you want a similar challenge.

    What other workouts should I pair this one with?
    An important part of getting lean, staying lean, and having a healthy body is cardio, but strength training is just as important. This kick boxing cardio workout is great for pairing with an upper, lower, or total body strength video - the exact way that you end up using it in your program depends on how you want to structure it. We recommend including 2 days a week of upper, lower, and core strength training (each), but you can also total body toning workouts three times a week instead of individual sessions focused on one muscle group or the other.

    How often can I do this routine?
    Sore muscles always need rest before you tax them heavily again. This routine may leave you pretty sore if you don't regularly do this kind of workout. If you try it out and find that the next day you have "new muscles" that you've never felt before, you will want to wait 24-48 hours before you repeat this routine. Otherwise, if your muscles are not profoundly sore, you can easily do this workout several times a week as a cardio component of a well rounded routine like the program that we mentioned about.