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30 Day Challenge Week 2: Check in With Your Coaches

Dynamic Total Body HIIT and Core Workout

38 Min • Total Body, Core
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    Two of our most popular types of workout videos have to be HIIT and Core, so with this routine we thought we would pack both of these popular styles into the same workout. To add a little more of a spin to this routine we have also use combination movements for the HIIT exercises making it not only hard for your muscles but also hard for your brain. After all, you need to exercise your brain just like you would a muscle to make sure it stays sharp as you age.

    With this 38+ minute workout we have set up multiple types of movements in different groups. We of course start off with a quick 5 minute warm up but feel free to do more if you have been particularly sedentary before starting this video or if you are just a bit stiff from a workout the day before. Once done with the warm up we start immediately with the first of three HIIT sections, each with their own particular style. Each HIIT section will be roughly 6 minutes long and consists of three groups of two exercises that we will be doing in an AB, AB format with our typical 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. There will not be any extra rest between groups so be sure to pay attention to what is coming up after each group is done.

    In between each HIIT section we have also included a quick Core focused section to tone and strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and lower back. Each Core section will be roughly 2 minutes in length and consist of two individual exercises done for 50 seconds straight with a quick 10 second break to move into position for the second exercise in each section.

    As with any routine, try and challenge yourself but be sure to keep your form under control. Because of the dynamic style of routine it may take you a few times through until you are comfortable enough with the movements to really challenge yourself.  If you need to modify these exercises to make them easier or lower impact feel free as you should never feel as though you have to do these workouts exactly as we show them but should instead modify them to your needs so you can get the best workout for your needs and/or restrictions.

    Hope you enjoy this routine and please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Warm Up: 5 Minutes
    - Arm Circles
    - Side Step Arm Cross
    - Torso twist with Knee
    - Toe touch Sweeps
    - Warrior Overhead Reach L
    - Warrior Overhead Reach R
    - Squatting Push Pull
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Up and Outs
    - Jumping Jack

    HIIT: Round 1 - 6 Minutes; 20 Seconds On, 10 Off, 2 Sets Each
    - Burpee / Push Up
    - Toe Touch Get Up

    - Quick Feet Burpee
    - Lateral / Squat Jump

    - Star Jump / Burpee
    - Sumo to Lunge Jump

    Core: Round 1 - 2 Minutes; 50 On, 10 Off, 1 Set Each
    - Crisscross Crunch
    - Toe Touch Crunch

    HIIT: Round 2 - 6 Minutes
    - High Knee / Jumping Jack (4 count :1)
    - Mt. Climbers

    - Squat Jack / Jump (3 Count :1)
    - Lizard Hops

    - Front Jack / Squat Pops (2 Count :2)
    - Seal Push Up

    Core: Round 2 - 2 Minutes
    - Russian Twist
    - Back Bow Twist

    HIIT: Round 3 - 6 Minutes
    - Star Jump / Knee
    - Walk Down / Plank Knee

    - Burpee / Jab Cross
    - Supine Push Up / Toe Touch Get Up

    - Jumping Lunge / Uppercut
    - Jab Cross L/R

    Core: Round 3 - 2 Minutes
    - Side Hip Raise L
    - Side Hip Raise R

    Cool Down: 5 Minutes
    - Free form

    Workout Complete!