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Fitness Blender's Free 5-Day Workout Challenge: For Busy People, Day 5

27 Min • Total Body, Lower Body
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    • Training Type HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell, No Equipment
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    Ahh, finally day number five. You are most likely sore and tired from the last 4 days but once this workout is complete the torture will be over and you can enjoy the next day or two of rest, knowing that you have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. 

    Day 5 still stands in your way of that well deserved rest, so don't relax yet. Start getting yourself pumped up to tackle this workout because we are not letting you coast on the last day. This HIIT and Leg Strength workout will be tough so give it 100% and finish out the 5 Day Challenge like a beast. Remember that clean form is always more important than the amount of weight you lift or even your intensity, so if you start to feel your form suffer drop your weight for those strength exercises and/or lower your intensity for those HIIT exercises.

    What are you waiting for, go get this last workout done!

    Workout Structure:
    Length: 27 Minutes
    Strategy: Cardio and lower body strength 
    Equipment: Optional dumbbells
    Calories Burned: 122 - 291

    About this routine: After completing the warm up we move directly into the main workout which is a combination of a HIIT exercise and a traditional strength exercise for the lower body. We start by doing four rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest for the HIIT exercise followed by one set of 8 repetitions for the strength exercise. Go through the first two groups then give yourself a short water break, then finish up the last 3 groups. Once done with the last group move directly to a stretch cooldown to complete this routine.

    Printable Workout:

    Workout Structure: HIIT is 20 on, 10 off x4; Strength is 8 Reps for each strength exercise
    Warm Up: 30 Seconds for each exercise with no rest in between     

         HIIT: Burpee
         Strength: Sumo Squat

         HIIT: Jumping Lunges
         Strength: Calf Raise Squats

    Water Break

         HIIT: Squat Lunges
         Strength: Reverse Lunge Knee Up

         HIIT: Curtsy Lunge Jumps
         Strength: Deadlift (toes out)

         HIIT: Plank In and Outs
         Strength: Deadlift (toes in)

    Cooldown/Stretch: Roughly 30 seconds per exercise with no break in between

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    Keep It Positive:
    Whether you are finishing up one of our Free 5 Day Workout Challenges, logging your last day on one of our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs, or you simply finished your workout for the day, you need to stop and congratulate yourself. I know it may sound silly to give yourself a pat on the back for just doing a workout but it’s not. By setting up a positive reward for getting physical activity done you create a positive feedback loop that keeps you motivated and more likely to come back and do it again tomorrow. For some people simply taking the time to appreciate ones accomplishments can be enough, for others a bit more of a reward may be in order. A reward can be anything as long as you truly like it. Don’t try to reward yourself with a nice spinach salad if you don’t truly love eating it. Reward smaller achievements like a getting a workout in with a piece of dark chocolate (if you like that), and reward larger achievements like completing an 8 week program with something bigger like a massage, new clothes, an indulgent cheat meal, or a new video game. It does not matter what the reward is as long as it is something that you truly enjoy.