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Daniel's Upper Body Strength Workout for People who Get Bored Easily

39 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Strength Training
    • Equipment Bench, Dumbbell
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    For some, doing 3 to 4 sets of the same exercise back to back before moving on to the next is their idea of a great workout; to others it sounds like monotonous torture. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but this routine is definitely for the second group.

    If you have never done one of our signature Bored Easily routines then get ready for a fast paced routine that will definitely not leave you bored. The structure of this type of routine is that you never repeat the same exercise; each set is a new exercise. This style of routine is fun and fast and definitely makes you have to use your head and pay attention to get the most out of it. Since this is a strength routine I highly suggest that you take a look through the exercises beforehand to not only familiarize yourself with the routine but also so you can get an idea of what weights you need to use for each exercise as they will often be different. Once you have a good idea of what to expect and what you are going to need weight wise it is time to jump in.

    This workout is part of the new FB Plus Bored Easily 2 Week Challenge - See all available FB Plus 2 Week Challenges here

    In this routine we will be doing three groups where each focuses on two separate muscle groups. Each muscle group will have 4 individual exercises, so each group will have a total of 8 exercises. For example in group one we will be focusing on the Chest and Upper Back. This group has 8 individual exercises 4 for chest and 4 for the upper back. They will be blended in a superset fashion so you will do a chest exercise followed by a upper back exercise then start again with chest but with a new exercise. Are you confused yet? If so don’t worry - it sounds complicated but once you start it will make more sense.

    These are timed intervals so you will be doing each exercise for a total of 45 seconds with a 15 second rest / prep to get you ready for the next exercise. This sounds like a lot of time but it isn’t. Both the active and rest portion will fly by so be on your toes and ready to swap your weights for the next exercise; there will be no time for a drink of water here. But you are in luck, in between each group there is a 20 second water break to allow you to take a physical and mental breather before jumping back in for your next group of muscles. If you need more time then feel free to pause here and there to take a few extra seconds. Just don’t take too long as the pace of this routine is part of its difficulty.

    As always we love to hear what you think about our videos and your suggestions for new ones. Leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us how you did, what you thought and what you would like to see next. Hope you enjoy the workout.

    Workout Structure
    - New Exercise Each Set
    - No Repeat Exercises
    - Intervals of 45 on and 15 off

    - Dumbbells

    Warmup / Cool Down
    - Both Included


    Warm Up:
    - Side Step Arm Cross
    - Shoulder Rolls
    - Big Arm Circles Alternating
    - Squat with Push Pull
    - Deadlift with Ventral Raise
    - Side Reach to Side Crunch (Left)
    - Side Reach to Side Crunch (Right)
    - Overhead Push Pull + March
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Ventral Jack to Jumping Jack

    Group 1: Chest and Back
    - Wide Chest Press
    - Wide Bent Over Row
    - Alternating Fly
    - Alternating Reverse Fly
    - Close Chest Press
    - Close Bent Over Row
    - Pushup
    - Bent Over Butterfly

    Group 2: Shoulders and Lats
    - Overhead Press
    - Pullovers (palms up)
    - Alternating Ventral Raise 
    - Alternating Pullover (palm in)
    - Lateral Raise
    - Single Arm Side Pullover (Left)
    - Arm Circles
    - Single Arm Side Pullover (Right)

    Group 3: Biceps and Triceps
    - Single Arm Tricep Extension (Left)
    - Hammer Curl
    - Single Arm Tricep Extension (Right)
    - Alternating Curl with 90° Hold
    - Skull Crushers
    - Alternating Overhand Curl
    - Tricep Dips
    - Raised Half Curl

    - Arm Cross Stretch L
    - Arm Cross Stretch R
    - Chest Stretch L
    - Chest Stretch R
    - Overhead Tricep Stretch L
    - Overhead Tricep Stretch R
    - Wall Chest Stretch
    - Bent Over Rear Shoulder Stretch
    - Wrist Stretch L
    - Wrist Stretch R