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Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Ab Exercises - 37 Minute Fat Melting Routine

37 Min • Core, Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning, Kickboxing
    • Equipment No Equipment


    Another fat blasting, high energy kickboxing workout video with Daniel - push yourself with this one and you will be so tired and sore by the time that you're done that you're not going to be able to lift your arms for a few days, let alone throw a punch.

    Workout Structure
    Like all of our other kickboxing videos, before each combination of moves you will be shown two slow motion demonstrations of the upcoming exercises. We encourage you to do the slow mo versions with us, just to get a good idea of what it's supposed to feel like. We will be doing ten repetitions of each combination on each side of the body. There are two kickboxing workout intervals, and one ab workout in between those two bouts of cardio. We estimate that if you push yourself, you can burn 326-578 calories in the 36 minutes of this workout video.

    Warm Up - 5 Min
    Torso Rotations
    Arm Circles
    Deep Squat + Arm Push Pulls
    Standing Knee Up Rotation Crunches
    Oblique Rockers
    Ventral Jacks
    Standing Toe Touch Kicks
    Front Jacks
    High Knees
    Jumping Jacks (1 full Min)

    Round One (Medium Intensity Cardio Kickboxing Combinations)
    Jab + Jab + Cross
    Hook + Hook + Upper Cut + Upper Cut
    Cross + Cross + Jab + Upper Cut
    Jab + Jab + Elbow (x2)
    Hook + Hook + Hook + Upper Cut (x2)
    Jab + Cross + Upper Cut + Upper Cut + Jab + Hook

    Round Two (Core) 14 Reps per Ab Exercise
    Plank Knee Up (L&R)
    Russian Twist
    Side Hip Raise (L&R)
    Knee Tuch Crunch
    Prone Chest Raise
    Side Oblique Crunch (L&R)
    Rotating Toe Touch Crunch

    Round Three (High Intensity)
    Jab + Cross + Knee + Knee
    Front Kick + Knee + Front Kick+ Knee
    Jab (x2) + Upper Cut (x2) + Knee (x2)
    Side Kick(x2) + Body Punch?(x4) + (Jab+ Cross) x2
    Knee (x4) + Upper Cut (x2) + Hook (x2)

    Cool Down & Stretch - 15 Second Holds
    Crossover Hamstring Stretch
    Inside Thigh Stretch
    Wide Hamstring Stretch
    Quad Stretch
    Wall Chest Stretch
    Arm Cross Pull
    Triceps Stretch
    Downward Dog
    Cobra Pose
    Child's Pose

    You will notice in our calorie burn meter that there are two numbers; one high and one low. This is the top and bottom of our calorie burn estimates. If you are pushing yourself 100% the entire time, you should fall within this range. The numbers have been calculated for both men and women, and the numbers will apply most accurately to those who weigh between 110-225 lbs - if you are outside of that weight range you may burn more or less than we have estimated.

    One of the most important variables in how much energy you burn off with this kickboxing cardio workout is going to be how hard you push yourself. If you completely limp your way through this workout, you're wasting your time! If it feels easy, you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. Imagine someone or something that makes you mad, get yourself fired up, and swing away. Put some power into your movements, swing like you mean it.