Cardio Kickboxing Workout - 400 Calorie Cardio Routine


Calorie burn:

270 to 405





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

So what if the closest you’ve come to kickboxing is a slap fight in the 4th grade. This is a great workout that only takes a few times through to get the motions down and feel right at home. Of course at home with this workout means sweating like a pig and struggling to catch your breath but it is completely worth it considering the massive amount of calories it burns (see below for calorie estimates).

True kickboxing has been around for hundreds of years and is a brutal sport that requires amazing cardiovascular endurance and speed to win. Though this video is not intended to train you for a fight it does take the spirit and physical demands of kickboxing and channel it into a challenging and fun cardiovascular workout that will help you burn calories like a prize winning kickboxer.

When going through this routine there are a few things that will help keep you injury free and keep your calorie burn up. First, be sure to stay on the balls of your feet and continuously shift your weight from leg to leg. Next, never punch or kick to a full extension, always keep joints “soft” by pulling your punches and kicks back just before reaching a full extension. This not only protects your joints from the risk of injury from hyperextension but it also increases the amount of calories you burn as well. Also, keep your core tight and move as quickly as you can both pushing and pulling the motion. The harder you contract your core and the faster you move with the maximum amount of force you can control can close to double the number of calories you burn during this workout routine.

Calorie Burn Estimations
We estimate that this cardio kickboxing workout burns between 10-15 calories per minute, or roughly 270 – 405 total.

The following is a quick description of the motions used in this workout video, just keep in mind that the motions performed here are for an aerobic workout only and not for use in competitive kickboxing.

- Jab (straight punch with hand on lead side of the body)
- Cross (straight punch from the trailing arm/rear arm)
- Hook (a hooking motion is done with either arm making a high swinging motion from the side generally aimed at the head)
- Uppercut (a hooking motion that starts low and comes up, generally aimed at the opponents face)

Kicks and Leg Motions
- Shin Block (bring knee up and elbows down in a crunching motion keeping hands in front of face, knee should meet and touch elbow of same side)
- Knee (drive rear knee up at same time as pulling "opponent" down into the lifting knee)
- Front Kick (drive knee up then extend leg straight forward, can be done with front or back leg)
- High Kick ( Hop rear leg to front leg position while simultaneously kicking the front foot up rotating your leg and hips to face sideways)

Stance Switch (quickly hop and shift feet, switching which foot is in front)

This is a direct transcript of the routine and the motions used in this routine. Feel free to use this for your personal use only.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Warm Up
30 - Arm Swing
30 - Arm Circle
30 - Torso Circles
30 - Torso Rotation
30 - High Knee March
60 – Standing Side Crunch
60 - Standing Crisscross Crunch
60 - Up and Out
120 - Jumping jacks / Jump Rope

Round One
(Start with left leg forward)
- Jab + Cross x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- Jab + Cross + Jab x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- Jab + Cross + Jab + Ducking Stance Change x 10 (5 on each side)
- Jab + Cross + Uppercut + Uppercut x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- Hook + Uppercut + Uppercut + Hook x 10 (switch Stance and repeat)
- Jab + Hook + Hook + Uppercut + Ducking Stance Change x 10 (5 on each side)

Round Two
(Start with left leg forward)
- Shin Block (F) + Jab + Cross + Shin Block (R) x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- Knee + Knee + Jab + Cross x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- Knee + Front Kick (F) + Front Kick (R) x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- High Kick + Knee + Shin Block (F) + Shin Block (R) + Ducking Stance Change x 10
- Front Kick (F) + Jab + Cross + Front Kick (R) x 10 (switch stance and repeat)
- High Kick + High Kick + Uppercut + Uppercut + Knee x 10 (switch stance and repeat)

Cool Down



04/23/15 10:37am

This one is really great. Just under 30 minutes but I am sweating like I am in hell.

And I am so suprised because I diddn't need to take a break during this excercise. Yeah!! I am really happy and thank you Fitness Blender!!


01/10/15 5:53pm

This is a great workout, kickboxing is awesome! Like the way the trainer has presented with demo rounds


12/31/14 11:28am

I love these workouts. I have a black belt in taekwondo when i was in my twenties, but it has been so long since I last practiced. Kids will do that to you. Kickboxing is not totally like TKD, but it takes me back to those days in the dojang. Actually, your HIIT workouts remind me alot of the structure of our taekwondo classes: sudden bursts of activity at high levels. Ah, no wonder why i was so fit then :-)


09/21/14 12:28pm

This is a good start for people who really want feel the workout!


08/06/14 12:42am

I've done some cardio kickboxing before with other trainers and enjoyed that very much. In this video the pace was just way to high. (#18 round1) I'll substitute this one for a cardio kickbox from another trainer. :(


07/18/14 10:59pm

Some of this is hard to follow, but it's all fun to watch. Daniel could kick someone's ax in a real fight.

eva s.

07/04/14 10:24am

Thank you very much for this INTENSE routine!!!
I'd love to see even more full-length (or mid-length) kickboxing workouts from you!
You have really contributed to the world of fitness on the internet and we are thankful for that!

P.S. As mentioned above, it'd be good if you could share a kickboxing video for beginners, because people with no experience in this field will find it pretty difficult to follow such routines :)


06/16/14 6:01pm

i really like this routine, but i couldn't do it just as intense as it looks, i'm too slow and i feel like today i've done nothing, i've never practiced kickboxing before, i guess that is why i get my shoulder injured :P


03/16/14 8:56am

Love all the kickboxing workouts! Hope you guys will continue to post more!


02/20/14 9:44am

I agree with the other comments that this video along with the 8 week program was out of the ordinary, I understand that we need to fool our bodies into something new, but I had a hard time following this routine and ended up not feeling like I got a lot out of it. I guess Kickboxing is just not for me.


02/10/14 2:31pm

This video is a perfect way to wake up first thing in the morning! My arms are killing me, but I can't wait to workout again. :)


01/29/14 4:28pm

Did this workout for Phys Ed and I almost died! I didn't think it would be so intense! Definitely one to do again, Thanks! :)


12/18/13 6:27am

Just stumbled on fitness blender looking for a change up in my routine. Tried this last night and completed the routine minus the last set of burpies which we're just one set too much for me!.. Arms are killing me today from the kick boxing but I really enjoyed it.


12/02/13 7:13pm

Wow, I had no idea what I was doing, I don't know how to punch or how to kick, I don't know how to keep the shuffle going with my feet when going from one move to the next... this was my first time kickboxing and clearly I'm missing the basics. I wish there had been an alternative in the 8 week program for today as part of workout plan #18... is there a kickboxing 101 for beginners?


11/28/13 1:56pm

Great workout! My legs and arms started to give out on my at the end. The last 'Knee' was a relieve!


10/30/13 3:28pm

I really like this workout, because its fun, I like the fast movements I needed to do during it and I didn't get my muscles sore!
Getting better through the fat loss program! I feel more stronger in each workout day, thank you so much :)!


10/17/13 8:38am

Great workout!! You are the best trainers I ever came across, keep me so motivated! Thank you


09/11/13 4:39pm

As the part of the 8 weeks program, this #18 video was very surprising, very different than the ones in the past 3 weeks. Being a very calm, overweight woman, it took me a few minutes to get into this one for several reason, but as soon as I started to think about my ex-boyfriend, nothing could stop me anymore :-)


07/24/13 10:01am

I'm very please with my purchase, I'm 50 years old and I feel with a lot of energy, very motivated I did my Day # 17 yesterday and I can tell you that I'm amazed about my body and that I can see my abs started to firm; my husband said that he is proud of me! Thanks to you guys.
Tank you for motivating me to workout everyday.


04/09/13 9:12pm

I purchased the 8-week program, which has worked out really well for me. I definitely appreciate having my routine all planned out for me. Love it, love it, love it! However, after starting the kickbox routine, I turned it off and substituted another routine! Kickboxing is not for me!

Thanks for putting together such great workouts! I plan to buy the next 8-week routine once I master the first one.


03/11/13 4:01am

I'm doing your 8 week program and have this workout coming up but I really dislike kickboxing workouts - I tried couple of times and just can't follow them properly, so I don't think they are any good for me. I would like to substitute this with something else, what would be the best execises? Or should I just skip this one and proceed with the next workout plan according to program? Thanks!


06/20/14 1:17pm

Didnt like this one at all cause of same reason; The moves are way too fast for me to follow and i only ended up feeling frustrated and p-d off that i couldnt keep up! Also following the 8 week program so i guess i will have to try to find something else to do today, did try the kickboxing/cardio video Kelli does last week and liked it so might go for that one instead


09/10/13 5:28am

sangri, I'm with you. This did not work for me either. Hoping for an answer with a substitute.


03/01/13 11:08pm

I created an account just to comment on this video! :) I love kickboxing workouts and this video has become my favorite :) keep up the awesome work guys! I'm already 4lbs down ^_^ lol


02/20/13 11:20am

Would have been more enjoyable if I was able to follow. I love kickboxing routines but the movements were entirely too fast and random.


02/16/13 11:24am

Wow, this one kicked ass! Nothing better to kick a stressfull week out of your system :-)


11/09/12 8:29pm

Less brutal than I thought. Paired with a light kettlebell routine was perfect!


11/06/12 1:02am

This is a great workout.


09/19/12 1:41am



08/24/12 5:01pm

Freaking amazing!! At the beginning I thought "This isn't intense enough, I'm going to have to do another video after this" but it KICKED MY BUTT. Thanks for the great workout!!

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:28am

@corinaforthewin - It is not unusual to be sore after this workout. Give your upper body a couple of days rest - you could work the lower body or core while upper body muscles repair themselves.


06/25/12 11:38am

I recently did this workout and I did proper stretching before and after but somehow my arms are like so sore! I don't know why... Does that mean I need to work harder? or I've already worked hard enough?

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