Cardio Kickboxing and Core - Smackdown Your Stress


Calorie burn:

260 to 416





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

When you want to distress you can slip into a bubble bath and listen to soft music while eating dark chocolate or.... you can beat the daylights out of something. When you feel more like the latter and you don’t have something to punch then shadow boxing with this cardio kickboxing workout will do the trick; it also burns massive amounts of calories in case you go for the chocolate as well.

With this routine we have coupled two of our most popular workout styles too not only give you a fun kickboxing calorie burner but also a core toning powerhouse. The high intensity kickboxing will burn the calories needed to get those abdominal muscles to show up and the core exercises will make sure that those ab muscles are toned, strong, and ready to show off.

This routine has everything that you need; a warm up, an intense cardio workout, abdominal toning sessions, and a cool down and stretch.

If just the idea of burning off extra calories does not put a smile on your face then the increased dopamine levels in your system from the exercise you are doing sure will, not to mention all of the other “good” hormones that get released into your system including testosterone which as been shown to not only increase mood, lower fatigue levels, and lower depression levels, but also increases sexual desire and satisfaction.

Another enjoyable way to get even more of a mood boost out of this routine is to visualize what is stressing you and place it directly in front of your punches and kicks. Figuratively beat what is stressing you to a pulp. It may sound silly but visualizing your triumph over what is stressing you out can have a huge impact on your state of mind. Rolling all of these stress-relieving activities into one is a sure way to beat whatever is holding you down.

Routine Structure
7 Minute Cardio Warm Up
Kickboxing Workout Session #1
Core Segment #1
Kickboxing Workout Session #2
Core Segment #2
Cool Down and Stretch

Warm Up; 30 Seconds each
Arm Circles (alternating directions, repeat on each arm)
Standing Toe Touch Swings (30 seconds per leg)
Knee + Rotations (30 seconds each side)
Up & Out Knees (left & right separately)
Torso Rotations (one direction per 30 second interval)
2 Minutes Jumping Rope (or jumping jacks)

Kickboxing Cardio Exercises Group 1 (repeat on each side of the body)
Jab + Cross + Cross
Jab + Jab + Upper Cut + Upper Cut
5 Low Punches + Jab + Cross + Jab

Core Segment #1 – 30 Seconds each
Jackknife Crunches
Modified Back Bows
Side Oblique Crunch + Toe Touches

Kickboxing Cardio Exercises Group 2 (repeat on each side of the body)
2 Shin Blocks + Duck & Weave + 2 Knees
Jab + Cross + Jab + Cross + 2 Knees
2 Front Kicks + 2 Knees

Core Segment #2 – 30 Seconds each
Knee Tuck Crunches
Reverse Plank + Leg Lifts

Cool Down & Stretch
Toe Touch
Inside Thigh Stretch
Standing Quadriceps Stretch
Arm Cross Pull
Overhead Triceps & Shoulder Stretch
Wall Shoulder Stretch
Wall Chest Stretch

How many calories does this kickboxing workout burn?
We estimate that this routine burns between 10-16 calories a minute. The large variance is due to expenditure being dependent on so many different factors; weight, gender, effort levels, and muscle mass being just a few of those variables. You can make sure that you keep your caloric expenditure on the high end of our estimate by giving it your full effort the whole time. With that said, you should realize that this is a challenging routine and that it is okay to go at your own pace, and even stop the workout video if/when you need to catch your breath.



05/02/15 6:45am

I've been addicted to Daniel's kickboxing lately! Works the whole body in such a short amount of time. I feel awesome. You guys should do some sort of kickboxing package- I would totally buy that!


02/25/15 6:35pm

This workout delivered. I feel refreshed, tired, worked and relaxed. I didn't even know how stressed i was until about midway through this. Great workout. Thanks!


07/23/14 10:51am

Been switching up my routine with all of your amazing workouts...i have been working out for years , but not til i found ya'll have i seen such great results! what a pair!:) thanks....and this one really tested my coordination and strength ! perfect for a mid work day break, thanks!


05/30/14 10:51am

This is a workout that not only combats stress, but involves most muscles and muscle groups. Bravo.


04/29/14 3:29pm

I had such fun doing this! Even though I punch like a kitten in custard I feel like a super badass... Stress what stress!


04/17/14 8:28am

Hi guys:

You're awesome! Really.
Im from argentina and, perform this workout everyday (with one for rest, like sundays)

I have a general question, about the calories burned in the excercises.
What is the average weight that you use to make this calcs?
Because, like you say, the burned calories performing excersice depends of a lot of factors.

Guys, keep on moving!! jaja




04/17/14 8:34am

perform YOUR workout* not THIS workout
Sorry about my poor english

Mistake in original message ;)


04/04/14 11:24pm



01/13/14 4:24pm

Just want to say thanks for such a great, tough and compact exercise that kicks your butt! I have a question though. If I am 15 years old and weigh 175 pounds and 5 "11 in height, about how many calories should I have burned by doing this exercise. Thanks so much


12/23/13 2:56pm



12/22/13 12:08pm

Great workout Daniel! You and Kelli are the best!!!!


09/26/13 3:41am

I loved the workout but I am wondering if it is ok that my back and abs hurt for the second day after it? I really gave my best when doing it. Thanks!


12/26/13 6:39am

It is definitely okay to be sore (hurt) the day after kickboxing, espesially if you're not used to that type of training. I'm always really sore in my upper back the following day, but I love it haha!


07/09/13 3:13pm

I did not expect my arms to be so sore afterwards. Wow great workout.


07/07/13 3:25pm

Fantastic! I have to call out the punches ("jab," "uppercut," etc in order to stay in time. This is a great workout. Many thanks.


04/05/13 7:25pm

Adding to my list


12/27/12 7:36am

This workout is da business. Loved every minute but oh boy was I tired and sweating. Glad I found u guys....


12/18/12 8:50pm

I loved this workout. Especially the cool down stretch at the end. It definitely helped me destress this evening. Thanks a ton!

fitness blender

08/09/12 2:00pm

@jessicalafa - What did you think of it?
@pinkberry0522 - Nice, keep it up!


08/08/12 1:06pm

I love this workout video, I've been doing it every other day for over a week now, and it feels so great, I'm exhausted afterwards, but I feel stronger, and I can't wait to see the results of this workout in a few weeks.


07/29/12 9:09pm

i cant wait to try this out!

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