Cardio and Abs Workout - Abs and Cardio Blender Mashup


Calorie burn:

65 to 114





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Here's a quick and effective combination workout that weaves short, varying bouts of HIIT cardio in with ab exercises to help you burn off extra calories quickly.

This is a mashup workout, a blend of some of our recent routines. In just ten minutes you'll be doing everything from Fitness Blender's signature crunch variations, to kickboxing, and total body high intensity cardio moves. Keep a watch out for the timing of intervals and number of reps for each exercise, as they vary by each clip. This might feel a little bit uncomfortable at first (the difficulty of establishing a pattern), but in reality mixing it up like that is good for both your muscles and your mind.

Printable Routine
Mountain Climber Switch + Knee: 20 On, 10 Off x 2 - Wake up your lungs and your muscles while challenging your balance.

Rotating Jackknife Crunches: 20 Reps, 10 on each side - This one is killer for your abs and obliques. You can make it easier by bending your knees; make sure to do this modification if you are struggling to keep proper form.

Heel Tap Seesaw: 20 On, 10 Off, x 2 - Make sure not to hold your breath during this high intensity cardio move.

2 Hooks + 2 Knees + Kick: 10 Reps each side - A little bit of kickboxing to get your fired up. Kickboxing is great for the core; make sure to keep your abs tight and your movements quick to get the most out of this one. We break up the reps on the two sides of the body with the abs exercise below.

Rotating Side Hip Raises: 10 Reps per side - You will feel this one along your sides. You can do these from your knees if the full version is too difficult.

Plank Steps: 20 On, 10 Off, x 4 - Planks are an incredible exercise for the transverse abdominals; here we step it up a notch by adding some simple footwork.
Burpees + Knees: 10 Reps - All of the cardiovascular benefits of Burpees, plus additional benefits for the core in the form of knees when you're done in that high plank.

Russian Twists: 20 Reps - Keep your back flat and focus on range of motion rather than speed in order to get the most out of this core exercise.

There is no warm up or cool down included in this routine so make sure to add your own or pick one from our videos.

You can use this routine as a standalone in order to quickly burn off a good deal of calories or you can tack it onto the end of some of our longer routines, just to really burn out those muscles and lungs. You can also do this routine several times a day in order to increase the overall expenditure.




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