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30 Day Challenge Week 2: Check in With Your Coaches

Calorie Burning Cardio Warm Up - Total Body Warm Up Workout

5 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Warm Up/Cool Down
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Alright if you're on this page, it's time to get your workout game face on! How long does your workout last today? 20 minutes, 50 minutes? Before you get started into this fun and easy warm up cardio workout, I want you to make the conscious decision to ditch all of your stress, if not even just for the length of your workout today. Turn on some music, sweat out some toxins, and shut out the world just briefly. Once you hit "play" on this warm up, there's no thinking about anything stressful at all until your finished with your sweat session. Deal?

    Make sure to modify the exercise difficulty and pace as you need to; you don't have to move at the same pace as us, just make sure you're moving. As you get further and further into the warm up exercises, you're going to start to feel more and more energetic, and your muscles and lungs are going to start to feel looser and less tight. 

    Not only is this routine a great jumpstart into being able to safely push yourself during harder exercises, it also makes a great standalone as a quick pick-me-up during the work day. You know when you're staring at the computer screen, struggling to keep your eyes open right after lunch time? This routine is less than six minutes in length and it works better than a cup of coffee (though admittedly it does take slightly more motivation than drinking a cup of coffee). Try it and you'll likely find that your mental clarity is sharper, and you'll have more focus to get your work done faster.

    Bookmark this warm up as a go-to for days when you don't feel like exercising; once you're up and moving for a warm up, often those lingering feelings of sluggishness quickly dissipate. Don't overthink it, jump right in!