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Most Challenging Program Yet? FB Fit Round 4 is Here!

Brutal HIIT Workout Game: Fat Burning Ladder, Pyramid and Tabata HIIT at Home

40 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    This brutal workout has three different unique HIIT (high intensity interval training) structures all rolled into one. The end result is a sweaty, fat burning challenge that builds lean muscle and builds endurance.  

    Aside from burning fat and building lean fast twitch muscle that will help further burn fat and increase speed and power, these exercises are also great for building agility, coordination and control over one’s own body.

    You won’t need any equipment for this HIIT cardio workout and we’ve included both your warm up and your cool down. 

    Heads up: this is a tough workout and is not meant for beginners. Even for more intermediate or even advanced exercisers; keep in mind that you solely are in charge of modifying the exercises to make them appropriately challenging for your fitness level. There’s no benefit from puking during a workout - this means you’ve pushed past signals to stop that you should have listened to. On the other hand, there is really no fitness level that should make this routine feel like a walk in the park; if it feels easy, check your form, check your depth of motion, check your speed, check your intensity. If you’re pushing yourself properly, this total body workout will be plenty challenging. 

    You should be pushing yourself hard enough during the length of this workout that you do not have the energy to go through another intense workout. Remember; more is not necessarily better, even though it may seem counterproductive, especially when it comes to cardio and HIIT (HIIT more than 3x a week cancels out benefits & puts you at risk for injury & overtraining).

    Workout Structure:
    - HIIT Ladder Intervals
    - HIIT Pyramid Intervals
    - HIIT Tabata Intervals

    - Exercise Mat (optional)

    Warm Up / Cool Down:
    - Both Included

    Warm Up: (4.5 Minutes; 45 sec each)
    - High Knee March
    - Arm Push Pulls
    - Toe Touch Circles
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Up and Outs
    - Jumping Jacks

    HIIT Round 1: Descending Ladder - Decreasing Timed Intervals Per Exercise (15 seconds of rest)
    - Start with a 50 second interval, and work down to a 10 second interval. Do an entire descending ladder with each exercise. (7 min total)

    50 Burpees
    40 &
    30 Pop Squat

    HIIT Round 2: Pyramid Structure - Per Exercise (15 seconds of rest)
    - Start with a 10 second interval; increase by 10 seconds each interval, until a maximum length of 40 seconds before decreasing again. Do an entire pyramid with each exercise. (8.3 min total)

    10 Knee Up Push Up
    20 &
    30 Star Jump

    HIIT Round Three: Tabata - 20 On, 10 Off; AA,BB (10 min total)
    - Basic Tabata structure; do two rounds of each exercise before moving to the next. 

    1 Lateral Jumps
    2 Seal Push Ups
    3 Sumo Squat w/ Leg Raise L&R
    4 Jumping Jacks
    5 Jumping Lunges
    6 Agility Dots L&R
    7 Side Plank Toe Touches L&R
    8 High Knees
    9 Front Jack
    10 Rocket Squats

    Cool Down: (free form)

    What did you think of this workout? Which interval did you find most challenging? If you’d like to make a request for future workouts, sign in & use the comment section below to tell us what you’d like to see next.