Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout

21 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    The good news about this routine is that it gets easier as you go along. The bad news is that it starts out really difficult - but we know you enjoy the challenging workouts, so we’re confident you will like this one.

    This video is done in a ladder workout format (but thankfully we only go down the ladder, and not back up as well); we start out with long, 60 second intervals of 4 bodyweight cardio exercises done back to back. You will get a quick 20 second rest before you jump back into a 50 second interval of the same four exercises. Once you have completed all four, you will get another 20 second rest before you go back into the same HIIT exercises, this time with intervals of only 30 seconds. By the last interval you will be doing each exercise for only 10 seconds.

    Workout Structure
    3 Minute Cardio Warm Up
    17 Minute HIIT Workout
    Descending Interval Times, starting at 60 seconds and working down to 10 seconds
    Cool Down and Stretch not included but recommended

    Warm Up Cardio – 30 Seconds each
    Leg Swings
    Other side
    Knee up twists
    Squat with Toe touch
    Log Jumps
    Jumping Jacks

    HIIT Ladder Workout
    60 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
    60 Sec – High Knees
    60 Sec – Burpee
    60 Sec – Jumping Jacks
    20 Sec – Rest

    50 sec – Flutter Kick Squat
    50 Sec – High Knees
    50 Sec – Burpee
    50 Sec – Jumping Jacks
    20 Sec – Rest

    40 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
    40 Sec – High Knees
    40 Sec – Burpee
    40 Sec – Jumping Jacks
    20 Sec – Rest

    30 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
    30 Sec – High Knees
    30 Sec – Burpee
    30 Sec – Jumping Jacks
    20 Sec – Rest

    20 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
    20 Sec – High Knees
    20 Sec – Burpee
    20 Sec – Jumping Jacks
    20 Sec – Rest

    10 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat
    10 Sec – High Knees
    10 Sec – Burpee
    10 Sec – Jumping Jacks
    20 Sec – Rest

    The idea of this kind of workout is that you are pushed to your near breaking point in terms of cardiovascular threshold and capacity for exertion, but it’s completely doable because of the frequent breaks and high intensity intervals that get increasingly short as you progress.

    What other FB routine should I pair with this one?
    This cardio workout can serve as a standalone routine, or you can pair it with one of our upper/lower/or total body strength workouts, if you have the energy after you’re done. Even if you don’t have the energy right away, you can always do the strength training and cardio workouts in two separate sessions (you’ll have more energy for each workout plus you’ll get an extra high calorie burn due to the multiple bumps in your metabolism).

    How many calories does this high intensity interval training workout burn?
    We estimate that this Fitness Blender HIIT video burns between 200–280 calories - a very high amount for just twenty minutes of your time.

    That estimate is not even taking into account the afterburn effect that you get from high intensity interval training workouts. Studies have shown that when you are done with a workout like this one, your body will burn calories at an elevated rate for up to 24-48 hours after you are done with your routine.

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