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At Home Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout - No Equipment Pilates Workout

35 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Pilates
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    You can do this low impact butt and thigh workout anywhere. It's gentle on the body while still providing a good muscle burn and engaging the glutes from all different angles. Glutes (minimus, medius and maximus), thighs (hamstring, quads, inner and outer thigh), and lower back all have to pitch in for these exercises. 

    Low impact, range of motion focused routines like this one are a great switch up from high intensity interval training (HIIT) and more conventional strength training workouts. Carefully weaving in different types of training can help you continue to push and challenge your body, and it's also a great reminder of just how many different types of "fit" there really are. For example, someone who considers themselves very fit - maybe someone who can lift a great deal of weight or run a fast mile, may be quickly humbled by a simple Pilates or yoga exercise, and vice versa. Our strategy is to blend a wide variety of training styles in order to develop a well rounded, functional, health-oriented fitness. Related: Fitness Blender Workout Programs

    Pilates butt and thigh workouts like these are easily scaleable to make more or less difficult. If you're looking for a challenge, add ankle weights or resistance bands - but before you do so, make sure that your form is perfect in order to avoid injury or strain. If you're a beginner, hang in there as long as you can during each interval (but don't feel bad if you need to take extra breaks or stop early; always listen to your body). All the way through, make sure to mind your form and keep your muscles nice and tight. I will give you tips for modifications all the way through in order to make it more or less difficult; do your best and push yourself.

    Looking for a longer workout, or something to pair this with? You could add on a quick strength routine that targets the same muscles (be ready for some sore muscles the next day!). You could tackle an upper body workout if you're looking to target all of your muscles today. You could pair it with a pinch of HIIT or low impact bodyweight cardio. Or, you could always go for a simple walk. Whatever you do though, don't make the mistake of believing that more is better when it comes to working out; 30-45 minutes of intentional exercise is great, and I recommend not going over an hour a session any more than a couple of times a week. Smart, moderate habits are key! Make sure to give any hard earned sore muscles a chance to heal before you hit them with any intense training again.

    Workout Structure
    This Pilates workout requires no equipment at all but you can increase the challenge of many of the moves by adding ankle weights or resistance bands. The timing structure is 35 seconds active, with 10 seconds rest between each interval. Repeat on each side of the body, where applicable. 

    Brief warm up - The workout starts off light but feel free to do a few extra minutes of a light warm up if you've been sedentary for a lengthy period of time.

    Reverse Leg Lifts
    45° Reverse Leg Lifts
    Fire Hydrant
    Inside Thigh Raises
    Outside Thigh Raises
    Traveling Bridge
    Leg Circles (alternating directions)
    Leg Lifts

    Cool Down & Stretch - Freestyle 

    Did you reach the Workout Complete screen for this workout? Which interval did you find most challenging? I always find that the hydrant move wakes up my muscles very quickly! Did you end up making any modifications to make it work specifically for your needs? Sign in & share below!