Workout Details

  • Duration: 18 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 135-203
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: HIIT
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Total Body

At Home HIIT Workout - Intense Calorie Burning HIIT Cardio Workout for Busy People

This quick HIIT workout is a great routine to use as an add-on to another workout to get a little extra boost or it can be used easily as a quick stand-alone workout with the addition of a warm up. 

In this routine we use some traditional exercises that you have probably seen before from Fitness Blender, but some of them are slight variations with a bit more challenging movement combinations. If you come across an exercise that you haven’t seen before, be sure to take the first few repetitions slowly until you know how your body will handle it. Sometimes exercises that seem easy can pose a greater risk due to balance or coordination demands rather than strength.

Exercises that put heavy demands on coordination and balance may seem simple but are some of the best exercises to incorporate into one's workouts to help improve overall quality of life when it comes to making everyday life activities easier. The vast majority of regular life activities are not isolated and controlled movements, but irregular and reactionary. This makes regular life actually rather dangerous when it comes to the musculoskeletal system. So, training in multi-planer and unusual movements in a controlled environment through exercise can have a huge impact on keeping your body safe when performing unexpected and unusual movements and physical demands.

As with most HIIT-style exercises, these are all ballistic in nature, which means quick explosive movements. Though these movements are fine for most healthy and physically-active individuals, you may need to modify them to be slightly less dynamic or high impact. We have included some options on ways to make these exercises more appropriate for a wider range of exercisers, so listen closely and modify exercises as needed.

If you are planning on using this workout as an add-on to another routine, be sure to keep in mind your energy levels. As you get more tired, balance and coordination start to fail. And because HIIT exercise typically demands a lot from both balance and coordination, you need to be sure that you still have enough energy at the end of another routine to safely complete this one. Remember to listen to your bodya and that more is not always better when it comes to exercise. 

Make sure to do a thorough warm up before starting into this routine.

Workout Structure:
- Tabata Interval (20 On; 10 Off)
- Groups of 2 exercises; AB,AB Format
- 10 Exercises Total

- None Needed

- Cooldown Included 

Warm Up:
- Not Included

Printable HIIT Workout: (10 Minutes; 20 On, 10 Off in an AB, AB format)
- Runner L
- Runner R

- Star Jump
- Burpee

- Side Lunge + Leg Lift L
- Side Lunge + Leg Lift R

- Stepback Lunge to High Knee L
- Stepback Lunge to High Knee R

- Low Lunge To Squat Jack
- Squat Jump + Squatted Calf Raise

Cooldown: (~5 Minutes)
- Freestyle

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