Workout Details

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 338-562
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Equipment: Sandbag
  • Training Type: HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Total Body

Advanced Sandbag Workout - Total Body Sandbag Training Burnout

The exercises in this routine and the length intervals make this a very intense Sandbag Workout video that should absolutely not be attempted by beginners, or by people who are not familiar and well rehearsed at sandbag training. If you're familiar with sandbag training and looking for more of a challenge, this routine is for you.

We have very quickly grown to love using sandbags during a workout because of their dynamic nature and functional strength training benefits, along with the fact that really, they're just a lot of fun to work with. Here is the sandbag we use in this workout video


Even the lightest of sandbags can prove to be a challenge, largely because of the way that they're constantly shifting, constantly forcing you to adjust, making sure that there's no way that you sleepwalk your way through your workout.

If you are relatively practiced at this kind of training but not quite sure if you're ready for this advanced sandbag workout, you can always go very light on the weight to make sure that you've got the form on lock down, in order to get a feel for the exercises and the routine, while minimizing the chance of mishaps.

Workout Structure
11 Exercises (several of which you repeat on each side of the body)
Repeat each exercise twice before moving to the next
45 Seconds On, 15 Seconds Off
You will need: a sandbag or similar kind of weight - There are modifications that you can do in order to be able to do this routine with other forms of resistance, but a bag is best

Printable Sandbag Workout
Body Rip
One Arm Shouldering (repeat a set on each side of the body)
Shouldered Squat (repeat a set on each side of the body)
Sandbag Snatch
Rotational Deadlift
Around the World
Clean and Press
Upright Row
Overhead Alternating Lunge
Get Up (repeat a set on each side of the body)

There is no warm up or cool down in this video - make sure that you choose one from our workout videos in order to help avoid injury.

How many times a week can I do this workout?
This workout is intense, meaning that if you're pushing yourself properly, you're likely going to be sore the next day. We recommend not doing this workout more than three times per week in order to give your body at least a day in between rounds in order to heal itself.

This routine is versatile; you can lift heavily and slow your repetitions down to focus on strength, or you can lift a lighter weight and focus on moving faster for more of a cardiovascular benefit. In this video, Daniel is focusing on strength by moving more slowly and working with a weight that is heavy for his specific strength levels.