8 Minute Abs Workout - Quick Abs and Obliques Workout

8 Min • Core
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment


    Quick, effective, and efficient, this abs workout is over and done in under 8 minutes. We keep things moving along quickly by giving you no rest at all, and very quick transition times between exercises. This is a bare bones abs and obliques workout that burns out the core muscles fast.

    If you've been with Fitness Blender for any length of time, you know that you can't spot reduce body fat, and you wont get a defined stomach with just situps. Cardio, strength training, and a healthy diet make for a lean belly - not crunches. That doesn't mean that core workouts shouldn't be a part of your regular routine. Core strength is imperative to being able to do much harder exercises and training styles, without the risk of injury. A routine like this one is a great way to build or maintain that important building block of fitness.

    We recommend that you add this short ab workout onto the end of your other cardio and strength workouts three to four times a week. Alone, it's not going to burn a lot of calories and it will be a painstakingly slow way to see any kind of real change in your body. Paired with our other workouts, you're going to be burning enough calories to lose or maintain weight, tone those stomach muscles, and increase the integrity of your core. If you do plan on doing this abs workout video by itself, we recommend that you do it twice through.

    Because we allow for no rest whatsoever, your heart rate and your calorie burn are going to be slightly higher than they would with typical core routines.

    Workout Structure
    4 Exercises
    45 Seconds Each
    2 Rounds
    No Rest

    Abs and Obliques Exercises
    Basic Crunch - Using no momentum whatsoever, lift your head and shoulder blades up off of the floor, crunching down towards your torso.

    Alternating Side Hip Raise - In a side star position, with weight in one hand and your stacked feet, drop your hips towards the floor. Drop both hands back down to the floor to go into a high plank, then go back into a side star/side plank on the opposite side of the body.

    Back Bows - Lie on your stomach and lift both upper and lower body up off of the floor. You should feel this exercise in your glutes, thighs, back, and upper back.

    Russian Twist - Sit back on your tailbone, lean back as far as you can control, and then rotate from one side to the other. Make it harder by lifting your feet up off of the ground, or by holding onto a weight as you rotate. Remember to keep your back flat.