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56 Minute HIIT and Strength Workout - Intense Active/Static Lower Body Strength and HIIT

56 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell, No Equipment
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    From time to time we like to go a little extra sadistic with our workouts and this is definitely one of them. This Active/Static strength routine would be rough on its own but we decided to take it to a level 5 by adding in some HIIT just to make sure your legs feel like satisfied, well worked, soggy noodles by the time you are done.

    In this routine we have built a fantastic lower body routine to really challenge your leg muscles in a multitude of different ways. First we have HIIT which is ballistic in nature meaning you will be pushing 100% effort for small bouts to really focus on raw power generation through your lower body. Then we move into a strength routine that uses traditional strength training moves as well as static holds. The traditional movements will work on developing strength throughout the full range of motion for each movement. Then we freeze that movement at the maximum load point and hold it there for a full 45 seconds to challenge your muscle endurance. 

    This routine is designed to completely fatigue your leg muscles so keep that in mind as you plan the rest of your day. If you push yourself on each movement and hold then you will definitely be feeling sore, stiff muscles the next day (or more). Be warned that this is not a beginners workout however with modifications it can be brought down to a level 3 routine. If you want to try the workout video but need to take it a easy then just be sure to use less weight (or none at all) during the strength and give yourself a slight rest gap between reps of your HIIT exercises (you can also take out some of the ballistic nature of the HIIT motions by modifying the exercises to not have jumping or bouncing). As always; listen to your body. 

    Whichever way you decide to do this routine, it will be a great workout. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below or on social media with #workoutcomplete and #fitnessblender

    Workout Structure:
    - Two Groups of HIIT
    - Intervals of 20 sec On and 10 Sec Off
    -Two Groups of Strength
    - Intervals of 45 Sec on and 15 Sec Off
    - A Static Hold Set is Done With Each Strength Exercise

    - Optional Dumbbells

    Warm Up / Cooldown:
    - Both Included

    Printable HIIT and Strength Workout:

    Warm Up (5 Min)
    - Right Over Left + Side Lean
    - Left Over Right + Side Lean
    - Warrior L
    - Warrior R
    - Toe Touch Sweeps
    - Toe Touch Kick L
    - Toe Touch Kick R
    - High Knee March
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Jumping Jack

    HIIT (6 Min; 20 on, 10 off) x2
    - Lateral Jumps
    - Pop Squats
    - High Knee Pause
    - Sumo Squat + Front Kick
    - Squat Jack to Jumping Lunge 2x2
    - Burpee

    ----- Water Break -----

    Strength (12 Minutes; 45 on, 15 off) x2
    - Squat
    - Squat Hold

    - Side Lunge L
    - Side Lunge Hold L

    - Side Lunge R
    - Side Lunge Hold R

    HIIT (6 Minutes; 20 on, 10 off) x2
    - Lateral Jumps
    - Pop Squats
    - High Knee Pause
    - Sumo Squat + Front Kick
    - Squat Jack to Jumping Lunge 2x2
    - Burpee

    Strength (12 Minutes; 45 on, 15 off) x2
    - Sumo Squat
    - Sumo Squat Hold

    - Lunge L
    - Lunge Hold L

    - Lunge R
    - Lunge Hold R

    Cooldown (~8 Min)
    - Standing Quad L
    - Standing Quad R
    - Inside Thigh L
    - Inside Thigh R
    - Wide Stance Toe Touch
    - Seated Toe Touch
    - Single Leg Stretch L
    - Single Leg Stretch R
    - Butterfly
    - Deep Hip Stretch
    - Deep Glute L
    - Deep Glute R
    - Torso Stretch L
    - Torso Stretch R

    What did you think of this routine? Did it push you? Did you tackle part of it or make it all the way to the Workout Complete screen? Did you have a favorite interval? Let us know what you think!