5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt - Exercises to Lift and Tone Your Butt and Thighs


Calorie burn:

27 to 46





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

If you're like me and love leg day, a workout like this one can be a great way to finish a strength training workout for the butt and thighs. Even if you don't have time for an entire strength training routine, this fast and ferocious butt and thigh workout will have your lower body muscles screaming in less than five minutes.

You can use this workout as mentioned above (at the end of another longer routine, as a burnout round finale), or you can do it several times in a row, or even several times a day. This is a great option if you have a very busy work/life schedule but hate missing out on some kind of physical activity in your day. Yes, it's just five minutes, but five minutes is far superior to zero minutes, and in the end, even this small amount of exercise can be enough to make slow and steady changes in your body and vast, immediate changes in your mood.

As you can tell by my frequent breaks and complaining, I struggled my way through this butt and thigh workout. I had just finished filming a lower body workout so my legs were already a bit shaky. What you should take from my need to take quick breaks is that it's completely okay to do so, and that you should try and get right back into the exercise as soon as you possibly can. Take a deep breath, shake those legs out, and go right back into the interval. Try to push yourself and do the best you can to push through the burn, but also listen to your body. It's a careful balance and takes some time to learn but with practice you will become familiar with your body's signals and become comfortable knowing when it's safe and necessary to keep pushing yourself, and when you should stop and respect your body's messages. This is especially true with some of our incredibly intense high intensity interval training workout (HIIT) videos - despite what a lot of very moronic "fitspo" memes might tell you, puking during a workout is never a good thing.

Using this workout to get a round, lifted, bigger butt
You can use this workout to get a bigger butt and toned thighs in minimal time. Honestly, in terms of squats for a bigger butt, you will get far better results with this quick combination of squats than you will with hundreds of repetitions of the same squats as found in the many "squat challenges" that are passed around online, due to the variations and the plyometric aspects found in this routine. Adding weights will make this workout a lot harder and more effective.

How often can I do this workout?
You can do this workout 1-5 times through, and you can spread those rounds all throughout the day. We recommend keeping the number of days you do this routine down to around three, in order to allow your muscles a day of rest in between workouts.

Printable Workout
40 Seconds on; 5 seconds off for each
Ski Squats
Sumo Squats
Pop Squats
Static Squats
Pulse Squats
Jump Squats

Make sure that you choose one of our warm up and cool down videos to go along with this butt and thigh workout.



04/20/15 8:19am



04/14/15 2:58pm

Improvement nite...after lifting heavy legs for 40 minutes this again was extra credit but this time for the 8 week #weightloss series and I made it through jump squats with only two five second breaks....#legkiller #legburn #legtoning. YOWSERD


04/09/15 8:02am



03/31/15 6:31pm

this absolutely killed my legs!! did it after insane hiit and abs routine too so my legs are shaking like mad. love it .


03/29/15 11:30am

@ marisero,

For a long time I only felt the burn in the front of my thighs also. By using Fitness Blender I realized that it was because I was grounding myself improperly. I was leaning forward, grounding myself in the front of my foot. If you make sure to ground yourself with your whole foot, or even your heels, you can ensure that you are using your glutes. It always helps to squeeze as you come up to, then you can become more familiar with the muscles you are trying to target , thus making it easier when doing squats to activate the muscles you want.

Hope this helps!


03/25/15 7:44am

This was extra credit in the FB #buttlift workout series and I can tell you I had to completely replace the jump squats considering I had just done 1:30 of them.

Jump squat modifier I used was alternating two count squat and plea squats to burn out my rear as my legs had had enough lol. Awesome five minutes to kick you a$! literally.


03/22/15 9:53am

Is this okay that I only feel born in the front part of my thighs and NOT in my butt at all? Would be really grateful if someone answered :)


02/10/15 2:25am

hi great extra workout. A fast link on this page to a cooldown video would be a nice addition :)

Also in the four week plan it would be nice to have that included on the day workout page.

thanks for the workout.


02/07/15 5:57am

Ummmm . . . ouch! Great follow up to the lower body tabata from the Four Week plan.


01/28/15 6:01pm

@tconwilson@gmail.com Her bra looks like the Moving Comfort Juno Bra! Mine worked well when I first got it, but wore out fast. If you get one, maybe hand wash and air dry. :)


01/25/15 1:48pm

5 minutes but my tights were burning


01/19/15 6:51am

Love it!


01/14/15 6:07pm

Kelli...This may seem like a TMI comment, but it is important to me. The sports bra you are wearing looks VERY supportive with those thick straps. Please share what the brand and style is! This mom-of-three needs to know! Thank you!


01/14/15 7:06am

Workout complete!


01/10/15 10:41am

Is there some reason we can't make the screen full size? It is kind of hard to follow along to tiny Kelli and Daniel...


10/27/14 6:44pm

Hey Daniel and Kelli. I love your workouts. I've been doing to this one for a while (on top of running and core work) and have been really feeling it in my thighs more than anything else. Should I feel it in other places too? Please let me know. Thank you!

fit leigh

07/13/14 6:56am

I'm an active 21 year old, I play soccer so I don't really have much fat and I have a tight stomach can only see the packs if I tighten it more...and other hand I want a nice round butt. How long will it take for me to see results when doing these excercises?


06/18/14 3:38am

Oooh that was good.


06/05/14 10:21pm

My legs are on fire!! they burn greatly but I enjoyed the workout!!


05/30/14 7:32am

corto e efficace....muy bueno...


05/19/14 10:32am

You're so cool! "Jump squats, Bc what else, right?! Lol awesome work out


05/18/14 5:21pm

I just did three rounds of this workout after doing Daniel's Insane HIIT Challenge. I even added 10 lb weights to the ski squats and sumo squats! It was the perfect addition to an intense HIIT workout. I know I will be feeling the burn in my butt and thighs tomorrow!


05/15/14 12:55pm

I love the POP SQUATS! Such a great butt and thigh workout!


04/13/14 3:36pm

Awesome lower body workout! :-)


04/02/14 7:27am

Kelli, you really seem to be in your element here! Thank you for the great challenge! I 'enjoyed' adding this to the end of my cardio/toning workout =)


03/13/14 3:19pm

If i did this workout 1/2 times a day, how many weeks or months would it take to see some improvements in the thigh and butt muscles? Thankyou!


03/09/14 5:23am

didn't need to take a break at all! and that is a testament to being a staunch supporter & participant of fitness blender, my legs are strong & my motivation is high, love this duo, you guys always have such a great range of exercises, THANK YOU GUYS XO


03/07/14 2:36pm

Hello, everybody! I have just started 3 days ago on Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout, for slimming my legs (18 mins). Is it OK to pair it with this exercise to get the muscles (legs and but) toned? If so, should I take a break in between these two exercises?
BTW, thank you FB team for your great videos, the variety of your workouts and the specific explanations!


03/02/14 8:03am

I LOVE THIS WORKOUT! Please make another one step workout, but make it little buit longer :) Love you guys!


02/28/14 9:46pm

I was in the mood for a challenge and I paired this with the lower body tabata! Just like you Kelli my legs were already shaky and sore, but I completed it. I'm sure I'll have trouble walking tomorrow. I finished my work out off with a nice yoga stretch and cool down , while looking at the beautiful lake you had in the background :-) . So excited for your 8 week busy people program coming out tomorrow!!


02/28/14 1:32pm

I want to gain weight and have a bigger butt will this workout help me? I am planning on doing this once a day and everyday please reply :)


02/28/14 9:50pm

I noticed you wrote you wanted to do this everyday, you need to give your body rest days to heal. They mention above to only do this video at the most three days a week. While your lower body is sore you can work your upper body or abs and vice versa.


02/27/14 10:22am

I just added this on to one of your total body cardio routines! It was a great after burn, love your videos!


02/27/14 5:13am

Totally does. Thanks! :)


02/27/14 12:35am

I remember you telling us in a vid that any workout below 15 mins doesn't hold too good for fat burning. Will this? If done once a day? :)


02/27/14 3:27am

NO workout under 15 min will EVER help burn fat efficiently, though it is a start. Just look at the calorie burn information above: if you do this workout once a day, you will burn enough calories to eat half an apple a day more.
Aim to do at least half an hour of workouts each day if you really want to see results. So whenever you have a few minutes of free time, do a 5-10 min workout (there are a lot of them here one FB) and try to do different ones to keep the boringness at bay. ;)
Hope this helps. :)


02/26/14 9:00pm

Wow...my legs are on fire.

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