Workout Details

  • Duration: 38 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 169-376
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Equipment: Bench, Dumbbell
  • Training Type: Low Impact, Strength Training
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Body Focus Upper Body

35 Minute Upper Body Strength Superset Workout

I built this routine for the people out there that want a more traditional strength routine for either building upper body strength or size (and yes there is a difference). Traditional strength training can sometimes feel a little slow moving, maybe even "boring" to some, but it can also be incredibly satisfying.

This routine has been built to be a very well rounded upper body workout and has been developed using supersets to get the most intense strength/mass building workout in the shortest amount of time. Essentially supersetting is taking two movements that use different muscle groups and doing them back to back so as one muscle group rests the other is being worked and vice versa. In my opinion the best way to do this is by choosing antagonistic muscle groups, meaning that you do the pushing motion and the pulling motion through the same range of motion of a specific joint or body part. For example in this routine we pair a chest press and a bentover row. These are very similar motions around the same joint/body part. By using opposite movements (push and pull) you can be sure that you hit every muscle group evenly and don't forget anything. After all one of our main focuses at Fitness Blender is to train the whole body as evenly as possible (no skipping leg day, ha!).

In this routine we have split the main part of the workout into two groups of four exercises. We will be doing two exercises at a time, going back and forth between the two until we have completed 3 sets of each before moving on to the next two exercises. We will take a quick water break after all the exercises are done from group one and then start into group two. Group two is done the same way as group one just with different exercises. Because we are doing three set for each exercise this routine will take a bit of time to get done. If you need more rest between sets then take it, but keep in mind that one of the benefits of supersets is that it allows you to rest one set of muscles while you are working another which can increase your heart and respiration rate to that of a moderate cardio workout. So, try to push yourself but only to what you know is safe for you.

We hope you enjoy this workout and please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Workout Structure:
- Two Groups of 4 Exercises
- Each Exercise Done for 3 Sets
- Timed Intervals of 45 On and 15 Off
- Done in an ABAB Pattern

- Bench (optional)
- Dumbbells

Warm Up / Cooldown:
- Both Included


Warm Up: 5 Min (30 Sec Each)
- Shoulder Roll
- Side Step Arm Cross
- Toe Touch Sweeps
- High Knee + Rotation
- Arm Circles Front
- Squat Push Pull
- Sumo Squat Lateral Raise
- Boxer Shuffle
- Fly Jacks
- Jumping Jacks

Strength Group 1: 12 Min (3 Sets Per Exercise, 45 Sec On, 15 Sec Rest/Prep)
- Incline Chest Fly (15-20 lb.)
- Reverse Fly (10 lb.)

- Lateral Dumbbell Pullover L (15 lb.)
- Lateral Dumbbell Pullover R (15 lb.)

----- Water Break -----

Strength Group 2: 12 Min (3 Sets Per Exercise, 45 Sec On, 15 Sec Rest/Prep)
- Lateral Raise (5-10 lb.)
- Reclined Curl (15 lb.)

- Tricep Kickback(10 lb.)
- Shoulder Shrug (30 lb.)

Cool Down: 5 Min (30 Sec Each)
- Arm Cross Stretch L
- Arm Cross Stretch R
- Overhead Tricep Stretch L
- Overhead Tricep Stretch R
- Wall Chest Stretch L
- Wall Chest Stretch R
- Overhead Wall Stretch
- Toe Touch
- Neck Stretch L
- Neck Stretch R

Total Calorie Burn:
169 - 376 (not including the metabolism boost you get from strength training)