Workout Details

  • Duration: 38 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 198-357
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: Bench, Dumbbell
  • Training Type: HIIT, Strength Training
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Upper Body,  Lower Body,  Total Body

Lower Body HIIT and Upper Body Strength; Total Body Workout Combo

This routine was built to be a nice mix of cardio and strength and it works out to be not only a great cardio and strength routine but also a great total body workout. It provides a nice all around burn and because it utilizes HIIT and Strength you not only get a great burn while you are doing it but you will get a nice bump in your metabolism to passively burn extra calories for the next 24-48 hours after.

This workout can be used a few different ways depending on your goals. If you follow along with me and match my speed and reps then you should get a nice cardio challenge that leaves your legs a bit shaky but you will also get a nice upper body strength workout that will leave your upper body nice and sore the next day as well. Following me will focus on strength and cardio evenly, however if you want you can also make small modifications to adjust your exact focus.

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If you want more overall strength development, then do the high intensity interval training portion with the intention of 100% effort with every repetition knowing that you will most likely need a break before the 20 seconds is up depending on your endurance and lactic acid threshold. Focus on explosive movements on each repetition rather than limiting your intensity and going for the full 20 seconds. Also for the weight lifting section be sure to pick a weight that will be difficult for you to complete the full 45 seconds with. Slow your movements and focus on a full range of motion. As you start to get tired take rest breaks as needed with the goal of hitting 6-10 repetitions in the 45 second interval. For both the HIIT and the weightlifting portion, form is the most important thing. As you get tired you will have a tendency to let your form degrade a bit, but if you want to get the most out of the routine you need to be sure you keep your form as clean/proper as possible.

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On the other hand if you want more cardio, endurance and toning then complete the HIIT at the maximum level you can without stopping for the full 20 second intervals. You may need to slow your movements or limit range of motion but do what you need to to complete the full 20 seconds with clean form.  During the strength section, choose a lighter weight than you would use for strength and focus on doing your movements a bit more quickly and with as full a range of motion as you can. Make sure that you are keeping your form clean and not moving so fast that you are using momentum or bouncing to complete the exercise. You should never be out of control no matter how fast you are moving. Moving without control just increases your chance of injury not your calorie burn.

Whatever you choose as your main goal with this routine, be sure to have fun challenging yourself. Be sure to have water on hand and to drink a good amount after your workout is complete, especially if you notice you sweat a good amount or were exercising in dry, hot conditions.

Workout Structure:
- 2 Sections of HIIT
- 20 Sec On, 10 Sec Off, AB, AB Format
- 2 Sections of Strength
- 45 Sec On, 15 Sec Off, AB, AB Format

- Dumbbells
- Workout Bench (optional)

Warm Up/Cooldown:
- Both Included

Warm Up: (5 Minutes)
- Side Step Arm Cross
- Torso Circles
- Toe Touch Sweeps
- Arm Circles
- High Knee March
- Squatting Push Pull
- Warrior Lunge L
- Warrior Lunge R
- Boxer Shuffle
- Jumping Jacks

Workout: (24 Minutes)
HIIT Group 1: (6 Minutes: 20 On, 10 Off) 

- High Knee Pause
- Pop Squat

- Side Lunge Pop L
- Side Lunge Pop R

- Runners L
- Runners R

Strength Group 1: (6 Minutes: 45 On, 15 Off)
- Chest Press
- Kneeling Row L
- Kneeling Row R

--- Water Break ---

HIIT Group 2: (6 Minutes: 20 On, 10 Off)
- Rocket Squats
- Squat Jacks

- Lateral Jumps
- Sumo Squat + Side Leg Lift

- Jumping Lunges
- Walk Downs

Strength Group 2: (6 Minutes: 45 On, 15 Off)
- Overhead Press
- Side Dumbbell Pullover L
- Side Dumbbell Pullover R

Cooldown: (5 Minutes)
- Toe Touch L Over R
- Toe Touch R Over L
- Inside Thigh Stretch L
- Inside Thigh Stretch R
- Quad Stretch L
- Quad Stretch R
- Wall Chest Stretch L
- Wall Chest Stretch R
- Arm Cross Stretch L
- Arm Cross Stretch R

What did you think? What was your favorite interval? And the really big question; which is your favorite; HIIT or strength training?