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30-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout Strength-Building Intervals to Prevent Low Back Pain

35 Min • Core
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning, Mobility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    In today’s workout, you’ll test two important aspects of your core strength: dynamic control and stability. Dynamic control refers to your body’s ability to control movement, especially acceleration and deceleration forces. On the other hand, stability reduces twisting forces that act on your spinal column and lead to stress or strain. Luckily, these workout addresses both components through strength-building intervals and prehab work. 

    We open with a 4-minute warm up before entering the first core circuit. Our format follows an ABAB pattern with 35-seconds on and 10-seconds off. Each pairing includes one dynamic control activity followed by a stabilizing exercise. Rest breaks feel quick, but most exercises are done on the floor with easy transitions. The workout gradually tapers off with some of my favorite prehab exercises, like the bird dog, that work your core in unconventional ways. Save the last few minutes for our cool down stretches and official #WorkoutComplete.

    Core strength becomes incredibly important when it comes to reducing low back pain. Along with other factors like hip and mid-back mobility, adding dynamic control and core stability exercises to your weekly routine could be your secret weapon against chronic pain and back problems! 

    Kayla’s Workout Notes

    • Timers are quick, but your transition effort is low. We paired similar exercises together (like a Spiderman Plank and a regular plank) to make it easier on you. 
    • There are two water breaks built into the routine. The second one at 24:37 is optional so feel free to fast forward. 
    • This routine is extremely scalable, and I share several exercise variations throughout the core circuits. 

    Printed Workout
    Warm Up
    Standing toe touch circles
    Alt runner stretch
    Bear crawl rock
    Stabilizing dead bug
    Open Book

    Core Circuit 1
    - Windshield wipers
    - Hollow man hold

    - Bear crawl hover + leg extension
    - Bear crawl hover

    - Spiderman plank
    - Plank

    *Water Break*

    Core Circuit 2
    - Bicycles
    - Recline Hold

    - Side plank leg raise
    - Side plank star hold

    - Side plank leg raise
    - Side plank star hold

    *Water Break*

    Low Back Prehab
    Hip CARs
    Adductor lifts
    Spicy bird dog

    Cool Down Stretches
    Seated Hamstring stretch
    Seated Adductor stretch
    Supine Piriformis stretch
    Floor lateral line stretch