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Fitness Blender's Free 3-Day Flexibility Challenge: Day 3 (Static Stretches for Flexibility and Range of Motion)

26 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Warm Up/Cool Down, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
    • Membership Free


    Welcome to the last day of our 3 Day Flexibility Challenge! Today we’re holding static stretches to really maximize flexibility and range of motion gains.

    Here’s your warning; this workout is slow paced. It’s slow in the exact way that it’s meant to be. This static stretching workout has been built using the strategy that research has shown is the most ideal and effective way to increase range of motion and flexibility.

    A lot of people think that workouts like this one are a waste of time, but they couldn’t be more wrong. People who don’t find time for workouts like this one will highly likely find time for chronic sidelining injuries. I love HIIT and strength training as much as anyone else, but I know that the best way to make sure that I can keep up with my favorite, more intense workouts, is to make sure that I am building a strong base that makes it less likely that I am injured. 

    The structure of this 3 Day Stretching Challenge very closely mimics our 4 Week FB Reach Program that uses a fun blend of Pilates, yoga & stretching. Be sure to check out this program if you want 4 weeks of workouts that use this training style! And if you like the shorter, 2-week challenge style, we now have a growing list of FB Plus Challenges. Come check them out!

    How to use the Fitness Blender Stretching Challenge
    You can add these stretching workouts (in any order) to literally any other kind of training plan; because they are so gentle on the body, there is no risk of overtraining and in fact these kinds of workouts may improve other aspects of fitness vicariously by allowing you to train more intensely, safely. These workouts can be done in any order.

    There are three different strategies at work in this 3 day challenge - each day has a different theme.

    Day 1: Feel Good Fluid Stretches - These stretches follow no rules and have no real structure. Instead, you'll be doing an active stretch or dynamic range of motion that will feel great on your muscles (especially sore ones!).
    Day 2: Yoga Pilates Blend - A combination of yoga and Pilates exercises, this workout lightly tones while improving range of motion.
    Day 3: Static Stretches (you are here!)- Research has shown that holding stretches for around 30 seconds each is the most ideal and effective way to increase flexibility, and that’s exactly what Day 3 tackles.

    All of these stretching workouts should leave you feeling relaxed and they can go a long ways in reducing muscle tightness and discomfort. 

    Tips & Tricks for using this challenge

    • Aim to make this entire experience a calming one. Clear your head before you start each routine, focus on deep breathing the entire time, and try to shut out your stress, if not just for the length of each video.
    • If you like, you can seek out silence or turn on some music that relaxes you. Light a candle or find somewhere scenic to do your stretches. 
    • On the flipside, if you find that stretching bores you to death, you can always try my trick of doing these videos in front of the television; turn on your favorite tv show & tune out while you improve your flexibility.
    • Never push a stretch to the point of pain. Lean into each stretch slowly and tentatively, and then press/lean into the tension a bit further - again, slowly and gently. If you feel pain at any point, you should stop immediately and talk to your doctor or physical therapist. 
    • Know that everyone starts somewhere; don’t get discouraged if you feel tightness and try not to judge yourself for how flexible you are or aren’t.
    • If we start doing a stretch that makes you uncomfortable or you’re unsure of your form, just pick a stretch that you like to do, until we’re back around to an exercise you feel more comfortable with.
    • Make sure to drink lots of water & feed yourself a healthy, whole foods meal when you’re finished. Take care of yourself!

    I really hope you enjoyed this challenge. Which was your favorite day? Did you feel less stressed by the end of each workout? What kind of challenge would you like to see next? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

    Thank you for working out with me!