25 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout


Calorie burn:

160 to 220





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Low Impact, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This 25 minute home workout focuses on toning and strengthening the abdominals and the obliques. There are eight ab exercises in total, with 14 repetitions a piece and three rounds of the entire routine.

With a combination of Pilates exercises and light strength training moves, this abdominal routine is ideal for getting a defined, toned stomach.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen, and that’s really not a bluff; if you want a toned stomach, you have to keep your overall body fat low and diet is a huge component. Eating clean (see Fitness Blender recipes for meal ideas & to learn about clean eating) and within your body’s recommended calorie intake is crucial to being able to see the muscles that you train so hard to develop.

It’s important to remember that you also can’t spot reduce fat, and intensely targeting just one body part is inefficient and ineffective. With that said, proper diet, total body strength training, cardio, maintenance of a healthy bodyweight and low body fat, and doing routines like this one that focus on the abs and obliques can help to minimize body fat, and get rid of love handles and/or slim the waist. Focusing on the obliques can help to tone and pull in the sides, helping a person attain the appearance of a more curvy body type or the look of an hourglass shape (or just a smaller waist). Muscle takes up less room than fat, and it burns calories faster, too.

Do Fitness Blender’s 25 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout 3 times a week, giving core muscles more time to heal if they are ever sore between routines.

This routine is great for pairing with a cardio workout - ideal, you would do 15 minutes of cardio before this video, and 15-30 minutes more afterwards.

We estimate that this routine can burn between 160 - 220 calories. These are just rough calculations, as many different variables will work together to determine the exact amount that your body expends, including bodyweight, muscle mass, gender, effort level, ect.



03/23/15 7:40pm

One of my favourites...I keep coming back to it.


08/05/14 10:43am

Oldie but goldie!


06/25/13 7:33am

4th like this one, I've decided to try to use this site exclusively for my workouts for now.. There are so many to choose from will do 2total body, upper,core, lower, rest, rest. Trying rid of that last inch of baby belly ugh!! Plus my day doesn't feel right without my morning workout!!


05/15/13 2:48pm

Love u guys BIG time xx omg how cool exciting tidy and efficient is this site. Congrats guys love u :)))) xxooo


05/15/13 2:03pm

I call this one "the Fattie Workout" since it is one of the rare core workouts which are suitable for really overweight people.


02/23/13 11:21am

So many of your workouts are printable and some are not I would love if you would have printable versions of all. I use your workouts all the time and they are AMAZNG!!! Thank you so much for creating so many different types! I love this site.


01/18/13 12:50pm

hi.am underweight but i want to get a slim waist.i dont want to burn more calories since am trying to get out of the underweight zone,what do i do?


01/11/13 6:24am

can i have printable workout because i dont have access to youtube. as it is banned


01/09/13 12:03am

is there anyway i can like save this video or add it to like favorite instead of having too keep finding it over again


09/20/12 7:57pm

Im doing a calorie diet to lose weight but im watching this video and a flexibility video for cheerleading. I mainly just want abs and flexbility. Will it help me lose stomach fat if I do this video once a day? And will the lower flexibility video once a day help me become flexible in other areas than just my legs?


08/13/12 12:22pm

This workout is great and I can feel it in both my upper and lower abs, but could you make some easier workout videos targeted specifically for the lower abs. I know you guys have one video for it,but those are too hard and I don't have that kind of equipment.


07/30/12 1:57pm

So, other than cardio, what else should I do so my metabolism doesn't slow down and I can stay lean easier?

fitness blender

07/29/12 9:19pm

@ diana5773 Of course you can do more than one workout video per day or per workout session. Just listen to your body and know when to say enough is enough.


07/29/12 6:58pm

can i do more than one workout video?

fitness blender

07/23/12 7:42pm

@jassiegirl It will take you longer if you don't add strength training into that plan of yours. Just cardio alone will slow your metabolism and make it harder to stay lean.


07/23/12 11:05am

Hi, I have a question. If I do this workout 3 times a week and run for an hour every day, about how long would it take for me to lose fat around my mid-section or just have a flat stomach?

fitness blender

06/06/12 7:50pm

@Vicki Thank you so much! We don't want anyone with any excuse not to exercise. @Selmed, Good combo! @Ionika - Sure, if you used a healthy diet, cardio, and strength training.


06/05/12 4:41am

hi, I have a question. Could I follow the HIIT exercises to achieve six pack abs? Of course with diet, sleep etc.


12/17/11 4:33am

After an hour of jogging, I then did 25 min of abs and obliques workout video, so exhausted now. Thanks for the workouts.


10/18/11 9:47pm

Fitness Blender has only continued to better this site, putting it far above any other. You cover so many health topics making it such an interesting read. Please continue to expand and share your knowledge. You make it hard for us to make excuses for being inactive! Thanks so much!

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