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Most Challenging Program Yet? FB Fit Round 4 is Here!

10 Minute Lower Body HIIT - Legs of Pain, Lungs on Fire

10 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    This is a quick 10 minute lower body focused HIIT workout that can burn up to 140 calories. If you have ever uttered the words “I don’t have time to workout today” you have just found one of many of our videos that will demolish that excuse.  Kelli and I know about being busy but what we also know is that there is nothing more important than being healthy, as it improves every aspect of your life, from being more productive at work to more importantly having more energy and being in a better mood while spending time with family and friends.

    Getting in a quick workout whether it is the only one you will get that day or if you are doubling up for an extra metabolism boost can have a vast array of benefits to your life. Exercising has been found to actually increase IQ, improve blood sugar regulation, lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, combat depression, improve lung function, improve heart health, increase bone density, improve balance, coordination, and even sex life! But what this all really boils down to is not only a longer life but a better life in every way that counts.

    So, for those of you still thinking you don’t have the time, ask yourself what do you have going on that is more important than increasing your life expectancy and quality of life? … are you still thinking? … well stop, just start this workout already and you will not regret it.  All you need is a small amount of physical activity on a regular basis and you can change your health in ways you would never guess and will never regret.

    In this workout we have leveraged the metabolism boosting qualities of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to get a high calorie burn in a very short period of time. One of the greatest benefits of HIIT, if you have not heard of it before, is that it creates a metabolic disturbance that increases the amount of calories you burn per minute after you are done exercising.  We call it the “afterburn” and depending on the workout you do it can last 48 hours or more, and add up to significant extra calories burnt without doing anything different throughout your day. This is the epitome of “working smarter not harder” and getting the most out of every ounce of effort you put in.

    Don’t wait any longer, don’t make any more excuses, just push play and improve your health one video at a time.

    Workout Structure:
        •    5 Groups of 2 Exercises
        •    2 Sets per Group
        •    Tabada; 20 on 10 off
        •    Format; ABAB

        •    None needed

    Warm Up / Cooldown:
        •    Not Included; both are essential to getting in a safe and effective workout


        •    Jump Squat
        •    Standing Side Leg Raise

        •    Jumping Lunge
        •    Agility Dot

        •    Lateral Jumps
        •    Knee Leg Raise

        •    Burpee
        •    Seated Front Leg Raise

        •    Star Jumps
        •    Single Leg Bridge