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2 Week FB You Against You Challenge

2 Week FB You Against You Challenge

32 Min/Day • 2 Weeks
  • Daily Duration Avg. 32 Minutes
  • Min. 20 Minutes
  • Max. 48 Minutes
  • Body Focus Total Body
  • Training Type Cardiovascular, Strength Training, Toning, Stretching/Flexibility
  • Equipment Mat, No Equipment, Dumbbell


Welcome to the new 2-Week FB You Against You Challenge!

The 2-Week You Against You Challenge comes with FB Plus at no extra charge, and is a physical and mental opportunity for you to put forth your best efforts in a competition against yourself! Channel your inner competitive athlete to bring out your best performances while completing four, fast-paced HIIT and strength-focused workouts. Like an athlete training for “Game Day” events, you will use the other “Practice Session” workouts in this challenge to improve your strength, balance, endurance, restorative movement, and recovery methods. Workouts range from 20 to 48 minutes, averaging 32 minutes a day. A set of medium and heavy weights will give you the best options to kick up the intensity of your workouts or scale it back as needed.

We encourage you to visit the Fitness Blender Community Forums to find support from the most encouraging fitness community on the web. You can also use #FByay on social media to track your workout sessions, share your progress, find motivation, and connect with people around the world who are following this challenge. 

This Challenge was built by Tasha A, ACE, NASM CPT, M.A., Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor/Health Coach